Chicago Animal Care And Control Seeks To Clear The Shelter, But City Pound Is Already Emptier Than NormalFrom March to August 2019, more than 2,000 Chicago pets were given up to CACC. During the same six months this year, only 611 owner surrenders.
FedEx Workers Surprised By Snake Sliding Around BoxesIt's the second time in one week Aguilar had to retrieve a snake. Last Thursday, CBS 2 reported he picked up a python from a home in Woodlawn.
Large Snake Slithers Its Way To Woodlawn, Scaring Homeowner : 'Super Terrified'"They are the sweetest, kindest snakes out there. There is no threat of them getting loose and breeding like they do in Florida. They will not be able to survive the winter here."
All Adoptable Dogs Have New Homes, Says Chicago Animal Care And ControlNo dogs are currently available for adoption from Chicago Animal Care and Control. The shelter says this has never happened before. 
A Pet Plan If You Go To The Hospital For COVID-19"We have had several people who did not make plans before being hospitalized and their animals were left without someone to care for them."
Virtual Pet Adoptions Make Getting A Four-Legged Companion Easier During COVID-19 CrisisSome Chicagoans are adding to their families during the stay-at-home order for the coronavirus pandemic.
Dead Cats At Chicago Animal Care And Control Alarm Volunteers"So many cats died in that time. Needlessly."
A Man's Story Of A Terrifying Encounter With A CoyoteWith thousands of the animals living in the city, close encounters of the coyote kind are becoming all too common.
Officials: Vet Found That Carriage Horse Pulled From Street Only Had Minor AbrasionA veterinarian found that a horse taken off the streets this past weekend after Chicago Animal Care and Control detected an injury only had a minor abrasion, officials said Tuesday.
Irish Nobleman Pub Offers $1,000 To Family That Adopted Kobe The Dog For His Return To His Original FamilyAfter 10-year-old Kobe the dog got away from his owners on July 5 when he was afraid of fireworks, he was picked up by Chicago Animal Care and Control and eventually sent to another rescue and legally adopted by another family -- all while his original owners say they were looking for him. 
Unleashed Dog Attacks Mini Dachshund, Owner Doesn't Give InfoA woman says she is left with hundreds of dollars in veterinary bills after the apparent owner of her dog's attacker walked away without giving her his information.