Read Mayor Lori Lightfoot's Full 2020 Budget AddressHere's the full text of Mayor Lori Lightfoot's prepared 2020 budget address, as provided by the mayor's office.
Mayor Lightfoot To Address City's Budget Plans, Chicago Faces $838 Million ShortfallMayor Lori Lightfoot will address the city's budget plans, and her plans to dig Chicago out of debt.
Mayor Lightfoot Refinancing $1.3 Billion In City Debt To Shave $200 Million From City's Massive Budget ShortfallThe city compared the move to refinancing a mortgage, saying the new bonds would be issued at lower interest rates than the outstanding ones.
Mayor Lori Lightfoot Proposes $40 Million Increase In Taxes For Ride-Share TripsThe increased ride-haling taxes are aimed at relieving congestion downtown, where nearly all ride-hailing trips begin or end, according to Lightfoot’s office.
Chicago Police Department To Reopen Two Detective Areas Closed In 2012; CPD, CFD, And OEMC To Merge Administrative FunctionsThe mayor's office said the merger will allow the city to move 151 police officers and 11 firefighters out of headquarters and back into the neighborhoods.
Why Is City Paying Out Tens Of Millions In Police Overtime With More Officers On The Street?The number of Chicago Police officers on the street is at a 10-year high – so why are taxpayers still paying tens of millions of dollars in police overtime?
City Has Spent $67.6 Million On Police Overtime This Year, Down From Recent Past YearsThe City of Chicago spent $67.6 million on police overtime between the end of January and the end of August this year.
City Has Paid More Than $524 Million Over Past Decade To Settle Lawsuits Against PoliceFifty-two million dollars – it’s a staggering amount of money, and also the average paid each and every year in the last decade to settle lawsuits against the Chicago Police Department.
Lightfoot Eyes 'Congestion Fees' As Way To Bridge Nearly $1 Billion Budget GapLightfoot hasn't completely articulated the concept, but imagine an area like the Loops was defined as a restricted zone, where drivers pay a fee to enter. 
Full Text: Mayor Lori Lightfoot's State Of The City AddressHere is the complete text of Mayor Lori Lightfoot's State of the City address.
Mayor Lori Lightfoot Says City Has $838 Million Budget Shortfall, Warns Of Consequences If Casino, Pension Reform Don't Go Through
Mayor Lori Lightfoot Faces Tough Choices In Tackling Budget Deficit Up To $1 Billion; 'It’s A Doable Lift, It’s Just Not Going To Be Politically Easy'Facing a budget deficit of up to $1 billion, Mayor Lori Lightfoot is set to begin outlining her plan to dig out of the massive hole at her “state of the city” address Thursday night.
100 Days In: Mayor Lori Lightfoot Talks Property Taxes, Wrong Raids By Police, And What She's Learned In OfficeAs Mayor Lori Lightfoot completed her first 100 days in office Tuesday, she took credit for a renewed focus on the city’s neighborhoods and people – and weighed in on negotiations with teachers, crime and, and the repeated problem of police raiding the wrong homes.
Lightfoot Announces $5.9 Million In City Budget SavingsMayor Lori Lightfoot on Tuesday announced that the city has found a way to save more than $5.9 million through revisions to Department of Fleet and Facility Management budget.
Feasibility Study: Chicago Casino Likely Can't Be Financed Under State's Current StructureMayor Lori Lightfoot on Tuesday said the state statute that authorized casino gambling in Chicago would make it impossible for a casino operator to be successful.