Wilson: Lightfoot, Preckwinkle Asked For My Support"I'm going to encourage the people who are church-based to to look at the social economic issue. People got to eat. People going to die losing their homes. Let's look at those issues."
Uncertainty Over Who Will Win Historic Mayoral ElectionChicago will elect its first black female mayor 36 years after Harold Washington became the city's first black mayor.
New Poll: In Mayor's Race, Daley Places SecondAccording to a mayoral poll prepared for one of the campaigns, Toni Preckwinkle leads at 16 per cent, with Daley at 14, and Gery Chico at 11.
Early Voting In Chicago Municipal Election Starts TuesdayThe Chicago Board of Election Commissioners confirms that early voting starts Tuesday for the Feb. 26 municipal election, which includes the mayor's race.
Mayoral Candidates Discuss Burke Shakedown Scandal At Downtown ForumAld. Ed Burke and the corruption charges against him were on all the Chicago mayoral candidates' minds at a forum held at the Union League Club Friday.
Preckwinkle Proposes Minimum Wage Hike If She Becomes Mayor"If you look at what it costs to live in Chicago, $15.00 an hour brings a family of four just above the poverty level. So if we're going to have jobs that enable you to support your families, we've got to pay people a little better."
Activists Criticize Preckwinkle For Overstating Her Role In The Laquan McDonald Case"I'm saying she's trying to capitalize off this, man. I'm saying she's wrong. She's only doing this because she's in hot water with that (Ald. Ed) Burke situation. That's the only reason she's doing that."
Fact Checking Ads: Gery Chico's Success RecordCritics point out Chico's law firm during those years became the biggest lobbyist at City Hall growing from 18 clients to almost 200.
Fact Checking Ads: Susana Medoza And The Window Washers UnionSince the window washers incident, Mendoza hasn't received any mayoral donations from the SEIU. However, Mendoza has received big bucks from several other labor unions.
Chicago's Mayoral Candidates Use Different Methods To Build SupportWith ward organizations fading, the union's foot soldiers are equally valuable.
Another Daley Wants To Run For Mayor Of ChicagoBill Daley served as President Obama's Chief of Staff and Secretary of Commerce for President Clinton.