Chicago Mob Boss John 'No Nose' DiFronzo Dead At 89Reputed mob boss John “No Nose” DiFronzo, who escaped prosecution in the landmark “Family Secrets” trial of top Chicago Outfit leaders, has died in DuPage County.
Feds: Mob Crew Member Menaced Business Partner From JailAn alleged member of the Outfit’s Cicero Street Crew, who was already accused once this year of threatening a government witness, made a second threat by email against a former business partner from jail, the feds claim.
Feds Accuse Alleged Extortionist Of Threatening WitnessFederal authorities want to lock up a defendant they say is an Outfit connected extortionist who just this week leveled a threat against a witness in the case against him.
Priest Pleads Guilty To Trying To Help Convicted MobsterA Roman Catholic priest says he'll plead guilty to trying to help a convicted mobster recover an expensive violin hidden in a Wisconsin home. Sixty-five-year-old Eugene Klein made the announcement Wednesday just as his federal trial was about to get underway.
Feds: Ex-Cop Planned Murder With Meat Cleaver, Ambien, Torture ChamberFormer Chicago cop Steve Mandell and alleged accomplice Gary Engel aimed to pose as cops to abduct Riverside businessman Steve Campbell, tie him to a wheelchair, blindfold him, mutilate his genitals, then drug him with Ambien sleep pills and kill him, federal prosecutors said.
30 Years Later, Mob Hitmen Murders Remain UnsolvedA mob gambling operator "was taken for a ride" and lived to tell about it. The men tasked with trying to kill him did not.
Grant: Organized Crime Alive And Well In ChicagoOrganized crime wears a new face in Chicago -- and the retiring special-agent-in-charge of the area's FBI office says many times, it speaks a foreign language.
Family Says 'Mob Wives: Chicago' Star Is 'A Joke'A decades-old mob murder has been making national headlines again, thanks to a reality show taping in Chicago.
FBI Tapes Reveal Mobsters' Talks Of Robbery PlansWhen an aging mob crew plotted a series of armed robberies, Big Brother was watching from above. The FBI was using either a plane, a helicopter, a satellite or perhaps a drone to keep tabs on the would-be stickup men.
Mob Informant Talks About Chicago PoliticsChicago's most famous mob informant is accusing some Illinois politicians of helping the mob thrive in Chicago and get protection from the police.
The St. Valentine's Day Massacre, 82 Years OnThis is the 82nd the anniversary of the infamous St. Valentine’s Day Massacre, still one of the city’s most sensational and infamous crimes.