Chicago Teachers' Strike Could Keep Some High School Athletes From State PlayoffsHigh school athletes could be on the sidelines if Chicago Public Schools teachers go on strike.
Mayor Lightfoot Fears Chicago Teachers Union 'Determined To Strike At All Costs'; Union Calls Latest CPS Offer 'Frankly ... Insulting'The union, however, has called the city's latest offer "a joke." “We’re talking about an offer that frankly was insulting to us," CTU President Jesse Sharkey said.
Public Teachers Looking To Strike October 17, Charter School Teachers The Week After"Oversized kindergarten classrooms, 37 in a classroom, is detrimental to the safety, health and cognitive development of our students."
Chicago Teachers Union Says Class Sizes Are Too Big; CPS Says Problem Is Already Being AddressedThe Chicago Teachers Union took issue with class sizes Wednesday, while Chicago Public Schools officials said they are working to combat the problem – as the days count down to a possible teachers’ strike.
Lightfoot Accuses CTU Of Stalling On Contract Talks Over Affordable Housing; Union Says CPS Has Nearly 17,000 Homeless StudentsIn a statement Tuesday night, Lightfoot said that the union's contract with CPS is "not the appropriate place for the city to legislate its affordable housing policy."
Chicago Public Schools Bus Companies Were Fined $270,000 For Violations Last YearDespite the penalties, parents are still reporting several busing issues so far this year.
New Preschool Proposal Has Some Norwood Park Residents Concerned About Traffic CongestionSome people in Norwood Park are not happy about a preschool Chicago Public Schools is planning to build in the area.
Mayor Lori Lightfoot Demands Written Contract Terms From Chicago Teachers Union; 'We Can’t Bargain Against Ourselves'"CTU leadership is not exhibiting the sense of urgency needed to move these negotiations forward in a substantive way to avoid a strike," Mayor Lightfoot said.
Mayor Lori Lightfoot Has No Plans For CPS To Make Up Any Missed Days If Teachers Go On Strike"There’s zero plan to make up any days that might be lost as a result of a work stoppage," Mayor Lori Lightfoot said of a possible teachers' strike on Oct. 17.
Officials: City Schools Will Be Open, But No Instruction Will Occur, In Event Of Teachers' StrikeMayor Lori Lightfoot and Chicago Public Schools Chief Executive Officer Janice K. Jackson said Wednesday that city schools will be kept buildings open in the event of a teachers’ strike.
Mother Accuses Fiske Elementary School Of Kicking Her 9-Year-Old Son Out Into The Cold In West Woodlawn“They throw this kid out on the street ... and they leave him there," attorney Dan Herbert said.
CPS Staff, Park District Staff Deliver Strike Notices TuesdayStaff members from Chicago Public Schools and the Chicago Park District hand-delivered strike notices to Mayor Lori Lightfoot's office at City Hall Tuesday.
Chicago Teachers Union, Chicago Public Schools Back At Negotiating Table After 94% Strike Authorization VoteUnion leaders and CPS officials were meeting at CTU headquarters in the West Town neighborhood, hoping to agree to a contract both sides can support.
Parent Baffled After CPS Intercepts Emails To Son's Case Manager Before DeliveryA Chicago Public Schools parent could not understand why her emails were not getting to her son’s case manager.
Chicago Teachers Begin Vote To Authorize Strike Next MonthChicago teachers are voting on whether to authorize a strike next month as contract negotiations continue in the nation's third-largest school district.