Oldest Animal At Brookfield Zoo Receives Two Successful SurgeriesThe veterinary staff of the Chicago Zoological Society, along with a board-certified veterinary dentist and an orthopedic surgeon conducted Thursday two operations on Ramar, a 49-year-old western lowland gorilla - one for dental problems and one for knee arthritis.
Brookfield Zoo Offers New Animal Encounters: Giraffe Feedings And Penguin EncountersBrookfield Zoo now offers zoogoers the opportunity to get up close and interact with two different animals.
Double The Otter Trouble: Twin Pups Born At Brookfield ZooBrookfield Zoo welcomed twin North American river otter pups recently, the first-ever births among the species in the west suburban zoo’s history.
Brookfield Zoo Welcomes First Reindeer Fawn In 37 YearsA reindeer named "Bunny," at Brookfield Zoo, gave birth Wednesday to a male fawn just days before Easter.
Giant Anteater Pup Born At Brookfield ZooThe Brookfield Zoo announced its newest, but not-so-little, arrival Tuesday — a giant anteater.
2-Week-Old Bornean Orangutan Makes Debut At Brookfield ZooA baby Bornean orangutan born just before Christmas made her debut Tuesday at the Brookfield Zoo.
A Christmas Gift: Critically Endangered Orangutan Born At Brookfield ZooThe Chicago Zoological Society announced Friday the birth of a Bornean orangutan at Brookfield Zoo.
Brookfield Zoo's Amur Leopard Cub Makes His Public DebutBrookfield Zoo's 4-month-old Amur leopard cub debuted Wednesday to the public, in his outdoor habitat at Brookfield Zoo's Big Cats area.
New Year Brings New Baby Grey Seal To Brookfield ZooLily, an 11-year-old grey seal, gave birth to a female pup on Jan. 2, the Chicago Zoological Society’s first birth of the new year, according to a statement announcing the new arrival. The mother and daughter will remain behind the scenes for several weeks to allow them to bond.
Lowland Gorilla Born At Brookfield ZooWhatever you do, don't make any jokes about Brookfield Zoo's newest gorilla monkeying around -- gorillas are apes, not monkeys, and probably hate puns. 18-year-old western lowland gorilla Koola gave birth to a female at Brookfield Zoo on Monday, November 4th. Both mother and baby seem healthy and happy.
Brookfield Zoo's Newest Baby BundleChicago Zoological Society announced that an Angolan colobus monkey had been born at <a href="http://www.brookfieldzoo.org/" target="_blank">Brookfield Zoo</a>. Both the baby and its mother seem happy and healthy and can be found in the Tropic World: Africa exhibit. Visitors to the exhibit will not only see the new infant and its mother, Olivia, but other females Chaka, and Tina, along with Sash, the father.