RSV, Respiratory Virus That Usually Affects Babies, Taking Off After Flatlining Last YearHospitals are seeing a doubling of kids with respiratory syncytial virus, or RSV.
Families With Young Children Still Under COVID-19 Restrictions As State Fully ReopensThere is currently no COVID-19 vaccine option for children under 12, so as life shifts almost back to normal for a lot of people, many families with young children are not feeling that relief. 
Kids Ride For Free On Metra Through Labor DayMetra is making it easier to take a family trip by extending its "Family Fares" program.
Lurie Children's Hospital Gets Close To Testing COVID Vaccine On Kids"If I offer them up to science, to get this over the finish line, and if that helps kids across the world, then I want that."
UK COVID-19 Variant Threatens To Spread Through Younger PopulationIt is showing major spread at a time when more and more people are getting vaccinated. But it's those who cannot get vaccinated -- kids -- who may now be most at risk. 
'Watch For The Symptoms': Illness Connected To The Coronavirus Strikes Young Children"The doctors said no, her liver and her kidneys are not functioning to the level that they should be. So now I'm worried, I'm crying."
Kids COVID Vaccine Trials Could Take Place In 2021The director of the National Institutes of Health is saying trials for young kids could start early in 2021.
More Research Needed On When Kids And COVID Vaccine; 'She Would Have A Barrier To Keep Herself Safe'"Children can be very sick with this illness."
Mentor Steps In For Boy Who Was Caught Vandalizing Seniors' Building And Was Sent Back By His Mom To ApologizeCBS 2 this week told you the story of young boys vandalizing a senior home in West Pullman, and how a mother of one of the young boys forced him to fess up. On Wednesday, CBS 2’s Marissa Parra followed up on how a local mentor is stepping up now too.
After Seeing 10-Year-Old Son On News Vandalizing West Pullman Seniors' Building, Mom Brings Him Right Back To Apologize And Learn A LessonVideo we showed Monday night at 10 p.m. showed children 10 and younger vandalizing a building for seniors in the West Pullman neighborhood and leaving them terrorized. It turns out a mother was watching in disbelief.
Seniors Left Terrorized After Children, Apparently Younger Than 10, Vandalize West Pullman BuildingChildren were caught on camera vandalizing a building for seniors in the West Pullman neighborhood, leaving them terrorized.