Chicago City Council To Questions CPD Superintendent Brown On Friday"We do want to increase our contacts with the public both offenders and the general public who need our presence to feel safe and be safe."
Special Session Set At City Council To Address Chicago's Violence
City Council Votes To Rename Lake Shore Drive After DuSableAfter months of back and forth and one wild meeting Wednesday, aldermen finally voted on renaming Lake Shore Drive to Jean Baptiste Point du Sable Lake Shore Drive. It was approved 33-15.
Chicago Aldermen Send Letter To Mayor Disputing Claims They Disrupted Council MeetingThe City Council is set to reconvene Friday.
City Council Adjourns, No Vote On Renaming Lake Shore Drive For Chicago's FounderAldermen were supposed to vote on the renaming last month, but it was delayed by a procedural move.
City Council Committee To Discuss Ban On Alcohol Sales After MidnightA City Council committee is set to discuss a proposal that would ban stores in Chicago from selling alcohol after midnight.
As Debate Rages Over Public Release Of Chicago Police Misconduct Records, Charles Green Seeks To Clear His Name In 1985 MurderThe heated debate over the public release of decades of Chicago Police misconduct files rages on at City Hall. CBS 2 Political Investigator Dana Kozlov talked exclusively to Charles Green, the man whose case started it all. Green’s hope is simply to clear his name.
Chicago's City Council Will Meet In-Person Wednesday For First Time In Over A YearChicago's City Council will meet in-person Wednesday for the first time in over a year.
City Council Public Safety Committee Holding Hearing On Carjackings FridayFour more carjackings were reported within four hours across the city overnight.
One Alderman Calls For Halt To No-Knock Warrants At City Council Committee Hearing, While Another Notes Anjanette Young Raid Didn't Involve OneThe Chicago City Council is now taking wrong raids by Chicago Police seriously, holding a hearing on the subject Tuesday.
Chicago City Council's Black Caucus Wants Answers In The Anjanette Young Wrong Raid Case"We must now more than ever to protect our citizens and our taxpayers."