Retired City Workers Sue To Keep Health Care SubsidyChicago’s 30,000 retired city employees are trying to stop Mayor Rahm Emanuel from phasing out the city’s 55 percent subsidy for retiree health care and foisting Obamacare on them.
City Employees Sign Up In Droves For Wellness ProgramThe City of Chicago says it is well on its way to having almost all employees participating in its new Wellness Program, dubbed "Chicago Lives Healthy."
Emanuel: Wellness Program For City Workers Could Save MillionsThe mayor estimates the healthcare cost savings will total tens of millions of dollars a year, by targeting and helping the small percentage of workers who cost the city the most for their health care.
Report: City Succeeding In Collecting Outstanding DebtThe Emanuel Administration's crackdown on scofflaws within the ranks of its own employees seems to be paying off.
New Travel Policy Tells City Employees To Take CTA For WorkNew travel mileage and reimbursement policies for city employees announced by Mayor Rahm Emanuel Saturday include, for the first time, a clearly defined, enforceable policy that encourages employees to use public transportation.
Mayor Emanuel Cracks Down On City Employee DebtsMayor Rahm Emanuel is cracking down on city workers who haven’t paid their old parking tickets and other debts.
Mayor Sends Letters To City Workers, Explaining Proposed LayoffsMayor Rahm Emanuel has begun officially notifying employees that he soon will begin laying off hundreds of city workers if their unions don't agree to $10 million worth of changes in their work rules.
Emanuel Scales Back Credit Card Privileges For City EmployeesAn investigation that uncovered credit card abuses, which led to the ouster of the heads of the Chicago Housing Authority and Chicago Park District, has prompted Mayor Rahm Emanuel to cancel most city credit cards and all petty cash.
Layoffs May Come For Over 70 Waukegan City EmployeesMore than 70 city employee positions are on the chopping block under a budget proposal in north suburban Waukegan.
Chico Says He Might End City Worker Residency RuleMayoral candidate Gery Chico said Tuesday he’s open to getting rid of the rule that requires city employees to live in the city.