Photo Shows Clarisa Figueroa In Christ Hospital After Birth Of Marlen Ochoa's BabyCBS 2 has obtained a photograph of Clarisa Figueroa in Advocate Christ Medical Center with the baby she is alleged to have ripped from the womb of Marlen Ochoa.
Family Of Marlen Ochoa Wants To Know Why Alleged Killer Was Allowed To Stay With Baby At HospitalThe family of Marlen Ochoa and activists are now demanding answers from hospital officials at Advocate Christ Medical Center, where Ochoa's baby is, after his mother was murdered and he was cut from her womb.
'It's Painful,' Marlen Ochoa's Family Seek Answers, Plans To Meet With Hospital StaffMarlen Ochoa’s family said they are outraged and hurt.
'They Are Monsters': Daughters, Sisters Of Marlen Ochoa's Alleged Killers Say They Can't Forgive ThemScared to show their faces or reveal their names, the adult-twin daughters of Clarisa Figueroa describe the horror after learning, that their mother and half sister, Desiree, allegedly murdered a woman, took her baby and tried to pass it off as their brother.
Family, Friends Of Marlen Ochoa Face Accused Killers In First Court AppearanceIt was a sad day in court for family and friends of 19-year-old Marlen Ochoa.
Marlen Ochoa Case: No Bail For Three People Charged In Pregnant Teen's MurderThe three people charged in the gruesome slaying of Marlen Ochoa, a pregnant teenager who had been missing for three weeks, were set to appear in bond court on Friday.
Neighbors Create Memorial For Marlen Ochoa Outside Home Where Police Say She Was MurderedPeople who live in the Scottsdale area are coming together to honor the life of Marlen Ochoa, the 19-year-old expecting mother who police say was murdered and had her baby taken from her womb. 
Three People Have Been Charged In The Death Of Marlen OchoaThree people were charged Thursday afternoon in the death of pregnant teenager Marlen Ochoa, whose body was discovered in a garbage can and her baby cut out of her womb.
Woman Recalls Connecting On Facebook With Marlen Ochoa's Accused Killer To Discuss Baby Formula DonationOne woman says she had a close call when connected with the woman accused of luring 19-year-old expecting mother Marlen Ochoa to her home and murdering her and removing the baby from her womb.