Mayor Lightfoot Praises Sen. Kamala Harris As Senator Debates Vice President Mike Pence On Climate Change, COVID-19, And Other IssuesMayor Lori Lightfoot, a Democrat, praised the performance of U.S. Sen. Kamala Harris (D-California) in the vice presidential debate Wednesday night.
Aldermen Tighten Reins On Outside Jobs For City EmployeesThe City Council is placing new limits on side jobs for some city employees, closing a loophole that allowed them to work for private contractors who have government deals they oversee.
Chicago's Birds Are Shrinking In Size, Thanks To Climate Change"As the breeding grounds of these birds are getting warmer, it may be advantageous to be smaller."
Chicago Joins Cities Around The World In Climate Change ProtestOrganizers said they want to send a message to lawmakers and businesses that something needs to be done to address the climate crisis.
Chicago Youths To Lead Climate Strike; March From Grant Park To Federal Plaza RallyYouth activists in Chicago will lead a protest march and rally on Friday to demand businesses and lawmakers do something about the climate crisis, as part of a Global Climate Strike.
Winning Proposal Plans To Revitalize Vacant Land In East Garfield ParkMayor Rahm Emanuel has announced the Chicago winner of a global contest to make the city greener.
Powerful Tornadoes On The Rise In IllinoisYou're at risk anywhere in northern Illinois, including the city of Chicago.
How Climate Change Could Be Impacting Hurricanes Like FlorenceClimate change could be playing a role in slowing down storms like Hurricane Florence, resulting in more rainfall and flooding when they hit.
UN: Number Of Hungry People Worldwide Is Growing, Climate Change Partly To BlameThe number of hungry people in the world is growing again, in large part due to climate change that is wreaking havoc on crop production in much of the developing world, the United Nations said Tuesday.
'Rio' Blue Macaw Now Officially Extinct In The WildIn the face of human-caused climate change, the rampant expansion of urban areas, and increasingly extreme weather events, many of the world's animals are truly in an adapt or die situation. 
Scientists Warn Earth At Risk Of Becoming 'Hothouse' If Tipping Point ReachedScientists are warning that a domino effect will kick in if global temperatures rise more than 2°C above pre-industrial levels, leading to "hothouse" conditions and higher sea levels, making some areas on Earth uninhabitable.