License Committee Signs Off On Plan To Allow Cocktails To Go At Bars And Restaurants In ChicagoThe ordinance would allow bars and restaurants with liquor licenses, but not liquor stores, to offer pre-mixed cocktails for pickup or delivery.
Aldermen Back Plan To Delay Business License Renewals During COVID Crisis“This ordinance provides some business owners with the short-term funds on-hand that they need to survive COVID-19 without a long-term impact on the city’s budget,” Business Affairs Commissioner Rosa Escareno said.
Aldermen Advance Ban On Horse-Drawn Carriages, After Years Of Wrangling With Industry They Say 'Refuses To Comply With The Law'The License Committee on Wednesday voted to approve an ordinance to phase out all 10 of the city's existing horse-drawn carriage licenses by Jan. 1, 2021.
Panel Votes To Lift Some Restrictions On Shooting Ranges In ChicagoChicago aldermen on Monday grudgingly endorsed an ordinance that would ease restrictions on where shooting ranges can be located in the city
Aldermen Vote To Scale Back Airbnb RegulationsA City Council panel has given preliminary approval to changes in the regulations governing Airbnb and other vacation home-sharing websites, only eight months after aldermen passed the original ordinance.
City Council Panel OKs Food Cart OrdinanceAld. Roberto Maldonado (26th), the measure's chief sponsor, said he’s a regular customer of food carts in his neighborhood, even though they’ve been banned by the city for decades.
Tunney Pushing Tighter Rules For Head ShopsAld. Tom Tunney (44th) has won approval from the Licensing Committee for an ordinance to force so-called “tobacco accessory stores” to disclose more information about what they sell, and how it’s displayed in their shops.