Compromise Reached On Concealed Carry In Illinois A compromise on how and where Illinois gun owners would be able to carry their weapons in public was poised for a committee hearing, lawmakers said Thursday as they headed into the final scheduled day of legislative action and 10 days before a court-ordered deadline.
Emanuel Confident Compromise Will Be Reached To Avoid 'Fiscal Cliff'Mayor Rahm Emanuel said Tuesday he believes the atmosphere is right in Washington, D.C., for an agreement to be reached before the nation collectively goes off the proverbial fiscal cliff.
City, NATO Protesters Reach Deal On Protest March RouteAnti-war activists planning a protest rally during the NATO summit in May have reached a compromise with city officials over the route of their planned protest march on the opening day of the summit.
Emanuel Hoping For Casino Compromise, But Quinn Not BudgingMayor Rahm Emanuel on Tuesday called Gov. Pat Quinn's position on a expanded casino gambling in Illinois "a starting point for negotiations," but the governor responded with comments that seemed to say "which part of ‘no’ don't you understand?’”
Teachers Union Says It Would Accept Lower RaisesThe Chicago Teachers Union says it would accept a lower cost-of-living salary increase for the current school year.
Hastert: Hurry Up With Tax Cut CompromiseFormer U.S. House Speaker Dennis Hastert says the tax cut compromise between President Barack Obama and the Republicans needs to win approval now, or all taxpayers will suffer.

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