Inmates Fight To Be Released From Cook County Jail Amid Coronavirus OutbreakHundreds of inmates at the Cook County Jail were fighting Wednesday to be released while they await trial amid the coronavirus pandemic.
Coronavirus In Chicago: 101 Cook County Jail Inmates Have Now Tested PositiveA total of 101 Cook County Jail detainees had tested positive for coronavirus as of Sunday night, the Cook County Sheriff’s office said.
Coronavirus In Chicago: 89 Inmates, 12 Staff At Cook County Jail Test Positive For COVID-19The cases among inmates more than doubled in one day. There were 38 cases as of Friday.
Cook County Jail To 'Single-Cell' Nearly All Detainees, As 38 Inmates Test Positive For COVID-19Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart said there are currently about 5,000 inmates being held within the walls of the jail, the lowest population it’s ever had.
24 Cook County Jail Detainees, 9 Sheriff's Office Employees Have Tested Positive For CoronavirusThe Cook County Sheriff’s office said Thursday evening that 24 County Jail detainees and nine Sheriff’s office employees have now tested positive for coronavirus.
Cook County Jail Taking Precautions After Detainees, Employees Test Positive For CoronavirusSix detainees and three employees have now tested positive for COVID-19 at the Cook County Jail. That's up from just one guard over the weekend.
6 Cook County Jail Inmates, 3 Staff Test Positive For CoronavirusMeantime, Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart has prepared a barracks facility on the site of the jail complex to be used as a hospital and/or isolation facility for inmates who test positive for COVID-19.
2 Cook County Jail Detainees Test Positive For CoronavirusTwo detainees at the Cook County Jail tested positive for coronavirus Monday, the county Sheriff’s office announced.
Emergency Hearing Set For Monday For Cook County Jail Inmates Amid Coronavirus CrisisThe emergency hearing for Cook County Jail inmates will take place later Monday morning.  
Cook County Correctional Officer Tests Positive For CoronavirusA Cook County correctional officer has tested positive for COVID-19, the Cook County Sheriff’s office announced Sunday.
Cook County Suspends Jail Visits, Court-Ordered Evictions Amid Coronavirus ConcernsCourt-ordered evictions and visits for jail detainees have been suspended in Cook County amid growing coronavirus concerns. 
'Serial Stowaway' Marilyn Hartman Beaten Up In Cook County Jail
Family Of Pedro Ruiz, Killed In Cell At Cook County Jail, Sues Sheriff And Cellmate Christian Gonzalez“What happened to Pedro Ruiz in the Cook County Jail, while in Cook County’s custody, was not just easily preventable, was not just forseeable, but was absolutely disgraceful,” said Ruiz family attorney Nenye Uche.
Timeline: The Murder Of Cook County Jail Inmate Pedro Ruiz
Christian Gonzalez Charged With Murder In Death Of Cook County Jail Cellmate Pedro Ruiz, A Rival Gang MemberChristian Gonzalez, who was being held in the jail on attempted murder charges, has been charged with first-degree murder, days after his cellmate, 19-year-old Pedro Ruiz, was found bleeding and unresponsive in his cell early Saturday morning.