Westlake Hospital In Melrose Park To Reopen For COVID-19 PatientsWestlake Hospital is now being prepped to become an alternate treatment site for COVID-19 patients. It will be equipped with 230 beds.
Chicago's Dr. Arwady On Stay At Home Order: 'It's Quite Possible That It Would Be Extended'"The stay at home order is the most important tool that we have. I think it's quite possible that it would be extended."
Conquering COVID-19 Fears In Orland Park By Shopping For Seniors; 'People Are Looking For Hope'Michael Arundel is organizing grocery runs with his college age friends to keep vulnerable senior citizens out of stores during the COVID-19 emergency.  It's all volunteer and free of charge.
CBS 2 Fact-Check: Car Dealerships, Landscapers, Dispensaries - Who Stays Open During COVID-19 Crisis?Dispensaries are outlined in the order under "healthcare and public health operations." However, the order does not say if this applies to both recreational and medical marijuana users. 
COVID-19 Social Distancing Does Not Put A Damper On Libertyville Birthday CelebrationBirthdays, especially for kids, are something to be remembered. But just because we are social distancing, doesn't mean they have to be ignored.
In Chicago, COVID-19 Concerns Cancel Another McCormick Place Convention"It is the first time in 100 years that the National Restaurant Association show has not taken place."
Tips For Avoiding The Coronavirus While ShoppingAccording to health experts, the virus lives on cardboard for 24 hours, plastic for three days and cans for two to three days.
Chicago Area Coronavirus Parking Lot Testing EffortsEach location can give up to 150 tests. Operations like these are critical among a lack of coronavirus tests nationwide.
Hospital Starts '100 Million Mask Challenge' To Fight COVID-19 SpreadThe CDC said homemade masks can be used as a last resort and their effectiveness is unknown.
How To Clean Up After A COVID-19 Workplace Contamination"I think for us our mission is to make sure that the public understands that this is dangerous."
Chicagoland Blood Centers Plea For Donations After Thousands Of Cancelled DrivesEveryone from cancer patients, sickle cell patients, trauma patients, mothers giving birth, babies in the neonatal units and those in burn units rely on blood for their procedures.