Chicago Teachers Union, Parents Express Concern As Students Return To School Monday Despite Surge In COVID-19 CasesWith the Secretary of State closing their offices and schools in Cleveland going fully remote for the first week back after the break -- Chicago's top educator says he's comfortable bringing kids back Monday.
Workforce Shortages Could Be At Play With New CDC Guidance; 'You're More Likely To Have COVID Than The Common Cold'"I am continuously amazed that we put the economy first, forgetting that without people we don’t have much of an economy."
As COVID Cases Surge, Some Chicago Restaurants Are Closing Again; 'It’s Better For Us To Take A One Or Two Day Loss'"It’s better for us to take a one day, or two day loss rather than closing for a longer period of time."
'Get That Booster': Chicago Doctors Concerned As COVID Case Numbers Spike Throughout The State"Even more reason to say you have to fully vaccinate and get that booster as well. Because of that, you're going to be less likely get severe infection and hopefully even stay out of the hospital."
'Increase Your Vigilance': What Doctors Are Saying About Staying Safe From COVID As The Pandemic Continues Into The Holiday Season"The numbers are going up here in Illinois. We had 5,000 cases in Illinois logged Wednesday. So, it's going in the wrong direction."
Chicago Doctors Prepare For COVID-19 Surge As The Holidays Approach"If you get vaccinated, and your family is vaccinated, you can feel good about enjoying a typical Thanksgiving, Christmas with your family and close friends."