Chicago Doctor Warns 'Tale Of Two Pandemics' Regarding Those Who Aren't Vaccinated"By being unvaccinated, you are essentially going out to war with no armor."
'You Just Feel Happier': School Officials On (Vaccinated) Students Not Wearing Masks"We will continue just to work with local health officials and with CPS to determine the right course of action."
CPS Pushes Student Vaccinations Ahead Of School YearThe nation's third-largest school district plans to offer five days a week of in-person instruction and says the goal is to vaccinate as many students as possible.
'It Is Sad': The United Center COVID Mass Vaccination Site Closes Thursday"Everyone was driven by the end goal which was to vaccinate as many people as we could."
Free Lollapalooza Tickets For Getting COVID Shots This Saturday"Anything that keeps people talking about vaccine is a good thing."
'A Slap In The Face': Why Vets Are Shut Out Of Upcoming COVID Vaccine Lottery"This would be a really good shot in the arm for them if they were to be one of the lucky ones to win."
CTA Stops Will Soon Be Vaccination Stations Throughout The CityThe buses will head to neighborhoods throughout the city, focusing on those with the lowest vaccination rates.
Delta Variant of COVID 'More Contagious, More Lethal' For Those Not Vaccinated"The good news has been, three of our existing COVID vaccines in the U.S. continue to be broadly protective against all of the known variants."
Get A COVID Shot, Get Free Tickets To A Sox GameEvery vaccinated person gets two free tickets for that night's game or a voucher good for other games later this month.
United Airlines Requiring Proof Of COVID Vaccine For EmployeesUnited will evaluate any medical or religious reasons why a candidate can't be vaccinated.
'That Might Help': Indiana's Prompts Similar To AMBER Alerts Assisting People Looking For The Vaccine"The process potentially saved hundreds of lives."