'It Continues To Be A Challenge': The Immunocompromised Seek More Boosters Against COVID-19"Because of the compromised immune system that I have, my body may not react to that vaccine and give me 100% protection."
Chicago Teachers Union Votes In Favor Of Going To Remote Learning; CPS CEO Martinez Says Such A Vote Means Schools Will Be Open, But Classes CanceledThe Chicago Teachers Union voted Tuesday night in favor of going to remote learning for Chicago Public Schools classes amid a COVID-19 surge.
Advocate Aurora Health Makes Emotional Plea For People To Get Vaccinated: 'We Can't Stop COVID Without You'Advocate Aurora Health has put otu an emotional plea with a full page ad telling people, "We can't stop COVID without you." 
Mayor Lightfoot To Address COVID Crisis This Afternoon From Chicago City HallYou can see it live on our digital streaming network CBSN.
Five More States On Chicago Travel Advisory, Total Stands At 47According to the Chicago Travel Advisory, unvaccinated travelers should be tested for COVID before and after travel from any state on the advisory list and should quarantine upon arrival in Chicago.
COVID Mitigation Efforts Could Soon Be On The Way In Chicago"We will roll out soon a complete set of new mitigation. I don’t want to get ahead of that. We are still working through the fine points."
Chicago Travelers Worry About Going Overseas As COVID Numbers Continue To Rise; 'It's Supposed To Be Fun, Not Anxiety Provoking'The chief medical officer at Loyola said you certainly shouldn't be traveling if you are unvaccinated, and you should avoid large public gatherings.
As CPS Sends At-Home COVID Tests To Families, One Chicago Mom Worries For Her Family As Her Son Tests PositivePayton said the worst part about all of this is that her son was supposed to get his booster shot the same day he tested positive.
Chicago's Mayor Looking At Mitigation Strategies To Combat The City's Latest COVID SurgeSince Thanksgiving, unvaccinated Chicagoans have become three times more likely to get infected. And breakthrough cases rising for the vaccinated as well.
California, Mississippi Back On The Chicago Travel Advisory, List Stands At 42 States"The only way to ensure you’re protected as well as you can be, is to be fully vaccinated and wear a mask when you’re around other people," Chicago Department of Public Health Commissioner Dr. Allison Arwady said.
'Get That Booster': Chicago Doctors Concerned As COVID Case Numbers Spike Throughout The State"Even more reason to say you have to fully vaccinate and get that booster as well. Because of that, you're going to be less likely get severe infection and hopefully even stay out of the hospital."