COVID Vaccine Will Get To More People In Chicago Very Soon; 'The Best News I've Had In Weeks'"You want to be able to manage it to where you have enough people on hand at any given time. That you've able to continually vaccinate so you're turning folks around and utilizing the vaccine and the human resources needed to vaccinate people."
Governor Pritzker To Ask Incoming Biden Administration For More COVID Vaccine Doses, But Some Aren't Being Used In Illinois"I am discouraged by the fact that we are getting less first doses now than we had at the beginning."
Biden COVID Vaccine Rollout Means More Shots Could Be Coming Soon To Chicago"I am thrilled about the prospect being able to get more vaccine here in Chicago."
COVID Vaccine Rollout Continues To Chicago's Long Term Care Facilities, More Than 20,000 Vaccines Given In The City"It does not mean that the pandemic itself is over. Quite the opposite. We are still months away from widespread community distribution or the vaccine."
Chicago Cardinal Cupich Gets COVID Vaccine At St. Anthony HospitalCardinal Cupich and other members of the Catholic clergy got their vaccinations at Saint Anthony Hospital in Chicago's North Lawndale neighborhood.
Health Directors Arwady, Ezike Welcome U.S. Surgeon General To Discuss COVID Vaccine Rollout: 'We Do Have A Finish Line In Sight'"The most important thing that we can do is to double down on our public health measures."
Moderna COVID Vaccine Coming To Illinois Next WeekThe governor said the Moderna vaccine is 94% effective with people getting two doses two weeks apart.
Pritzker: State Has Enough COVID Vaccines For Required Second Dosage"Any remaining vaccine that is in the vial that does not equal and full dose cannot be combined with remnants from other vials."
COVID-19 Vaccine Arrives At Joliet HospitalIt happened earlier Wednesday afternoon.
Pritzker: Number Of COVID Vaccine Doses Promised To Illinois Cut In Half"I was disappointed to learn that the US Department of Health and Human Services informed us that, per the direction of Operation Warp Speed, that estimate was tightened significantly down to 4.3 million doses shipped nationally next week."
Some Illinois Hospitals Still Waiting For Vaccine ShipmentsSome  Chicago-area hospitals have not gotten their shipments of the Pfizer vaccine.