DNA Tests Reveal Coyote Captured In Lincoln Park Is The One That Bit Boy Near Peggy Notebaert Nature MuseumChicago Animal Care and Control officials said they also confirmed the coyote had been shot in the chest with a BB gun, which likely explains why it was limping when it was caught, and why it had been acting aggressively.
Coyote DNA To Be Tested Following Attack On Child"Their biggest threat to their survival in rural areas is hunting and trapping. But when you move into the city, hunting and trapping is illegal."
DNA Testing Underway For Captured CoyoteChicago Animal Care and Control said if you do encounter a coyote, there are specific things to do: You should shout, wave or throw things at the coyote rather than run away. Do not feed it and keep an eye on small dogs.
One Elusive Coyote Leads Police On Chase Through Cabrini-Green Neighborhood, Another Captured At Fremont And WillowA coyote led police on a chase through the Cabrini-Green area Thursday night, amid an all-out hunt for a coyote that bit a young boy on the head in Lincoln Park a night earlier.
DePaul Students Help Save Child From Coyote"I knew they existed. But they're out on the prowl."
Search Underway Following Recent Coyote Attack In Lincoln ParkPolice officers as well as Animal Care and Control have patrolling the area for the animal.
Coyote Bites Boy 'Multiple Times' Near Peggy Notebaert Nature MuseumA 5-year-old boy was taken to the hospital Wednesday afternoon, after a coyote bit him several times outside a nature museum in Lincoln Park.
A Man's Story Of A Terrifying Encounter With A CoyoteWith thousands of the animals living in the city, close encounters of the coyote kind are becoming all too common.
Another Coyote Spotted In Near North Area, This Time Howling In BackyardA howling coyote was caught on camera by a Near North Side resident – right in his backyard in broad daylight.
Toy Poodle Hurt, But Recovering After Coyote Attacks Her, Drags Her Away In Old TownA toy poodle was treated like a chew toy by a wild coyote in Old Town last week – and it’s not the first time such a thing has happened in the area.
Couple Spots Coyote Outside Pottery Barn Near North And Sheffield AvenuesA couple in Lincoln Park got quite a scare this week while trying to put their baby in the car.