View: Coyote Tries Entering Kohl's In ValparaisoA coyote found him or herself in an unusual predicament Saturday night in Northwest Indiana--trapped between the inner and outer doors of a department store.
Cameras Show Chicago Coyotes Adapting To City Life An Ohio State University wildlife ecologist who’s been studying Chicago’s coyotes for about 15 years has published some new research that shows how they’ve adapted so well to life in the city.
Motorist Arriving At Train Station Finds Coyote Wedged In BumperKenosha resident Mark Armour told police he thought he hit something on his way to work. He did.
West Suburban Cops Get Training To Handle CoyotesWest suburban police are learning how to handle coyotes peacefully, though not quietly.
383 Coyote Sightings Reported In Riverside Last YearRiverside police say there were 383 coyote sightings last year in the west suburb.
Coyote Attacks Small Dog In GlenviewResponding to an emergency call early Monday, north suburban police found a barefoot woman in pajamas screaming frantically that her dog was snatched away by a coyote in a Glenview neighborhood.
Animal Control Won’t Make Official Effort To Rid Coyotes From City ParksWest Side residents expressed concern at a meeting Wednesday night about the growing population of coyotes. The meeting took places after a coyote may have been a child in the face last month at Columbus Park in the South Austin neighborhood
Animal Attack On Boy May Have Been CoyotesThe incident happened about two weeks ago near Columbus Park on the city's Far West Side.

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