Chicago's First Victim Of Gun Violence In 2020 Tells Her Story: 'My Back Is On Fire'"Not too long ago, I was living on the West Side of Chicago. We moved because of the gun violence."
Shots Fired At CPD VehiclePolice haven't said if the officers were the intended target.
Chicago Cops Pointed Guns At People 246 Times In One Month Period: New Data
Bomb Threat Called Into Business On Chicago's Northwest SideAccording to authorities, the business was told via a phone call to evacuate everyone because a bomb was inside the building.
Officer Followed From Police Station, Shot At While In CarA three-year veteran officer left the station Tuesday night and soon noticed he was being followed. A little more than a half mile away, police said someone tried to kill him.
Man Pretending To Be A Cop, Really A RobberWearing a green vest to boot, he was given a bag of cash then darted down Illinois Street. It was 90 minutes before closing time, 23 days before Christmas.
Chicago Police Blame Facebook For Illegal Gun, Drug SalesOfficials said the guns sell quickly and it’s difficult to know where they wind up.
A Look At Interim CPD Superintendent Charlie BeckWith Eddie Johnson now fired instead of retired, it's unclear how much Beck will rely on him for guidance.
CPD Officers Talk About Saving The Life Of Teen Gunshot VictimFour Chicago police officers’ quick action saved a teenage boy's life.
CPD: Officers Take In More Than 10,000 Guns This Year"I'll take this opportunity to call for common sense gun laws, specifically involving gun sales in the secondary market such as gun shows and internet-based sales."
Shooting Off 606 Trail Leaves Man With A Bullet Hole In His Car"I could have lost my oldest brother, actually, for no reason."
Several Officers Injured, But Expected To Recover After Car ChaseAt least one officer is recovering at Stroger, the others were taken to other hospitals, but authorities said they're going to be okay.
Officer In Old Irving Park Shootout In Intensive CarePolice said he was shot in the head by the bank robber. Initially, the police spokesman said he had a graze wound, then later said the wound was much more serious: The bullet penetrated and exited his skull.
A Race, An Engagement And A Life Saved"He got down on one knee and I thought he was hurt."
15-Year-Old Charged With Attempted Murder; 7 Year-Old Clings To Life After She Was Shot In The Neck"She's a child of Little Village. We love her, care for her and pray for her."