Man Tried To Drown Himself, Now Suing Police Who Saved His LifeA Virginia pool worker, who tried to drown himself during a bipolar episode, is now suing the police officers and lifeguard who saved him because they allegedly took too long to do it.
Interactive Kiosks Hope To Teach Chicagoans CPRA recent study found nearly half of Americans don’t know how to perform CPR, and even fewer know the hands-only method.
Chicago Police Officers Honored For Reviving Newborn Who Wasn't BreathingOfficers Mark Palozzolo and Maritza Bautista, responded to a 911 call of an infant girl who wasn’t breathing on June 12.
Chicago Police Officers Perform CPR To Save Premature BabyThe officers removed the baby’s umbilical cord, and performed CPR for four minutes at the direction of paramedics who were on their way.
Heart Attack Survival Rates Raise With CPR Training ProgramsIf you have a heart attack away from the hospital in the city of Chicago, your chances of survival have gone up.
Boy, 5, Revived After Being Pulled From Hotel PoolA 5-year-old boy nearly drowned in a swimming pool Saturday morning at the Hyatt Regency McCormick Place hotel.
Family Searching For Man Who Saved Their Son From ChokingA south suburban family is looking for a man they call an angel, after saving their son from choking.
CPD Officers Credited With Saving Man’s Life On West SideThree Chicago Police officers are being credited with saving the life of a man who suffered an apparent heart attack Thursday afternoon on a West Side Humboldt Park neighborhood street.
CPD Officer Saves Unconscious 3-Year-Old With CPRA Chicago police officer, just 16 months with the department, is credited Thursday with helping save the life of a 3-year-old boy in Chicago's West Side.
Security Officer At Festival Credited With Saving Man's LifeOneal Gray is a former first-responder and put his skills to use late last week. CBS 2's Suzanne Le Mignot reports.
App Alerts Those Trained In CPR Of Cardiac Emergencies Naperville has become the first Chicago area community to connect with a smartphone app that gives people who know CPR or how to use AEDs a way to put that knowledge to use.