Snow And Ice Lead To Crashes, Spinouts On Area RoadsThe roads were not looking good early Saturday morning, with snow turning to rain and ice making driving treacherous.
Busy Lyons Street Is Plagued With Crashes; Residents Plead For Safety MeasuresA single suburban street has had more than 1,000 citations written in just the last year.
Icy Roads From Mid-April Snowstorm Causing Messy Morning CommuteA day after a rare mid-April snowstorm dumped up to 8.5 inches of snow in the Chicago area, drivers were spinning out on icy roads all over the city and suburbs, with bridges and overpasses especially slick.
Indiana State Police Launch Crash Prediction MapThe Indiana State Police launched an interactive online tool that tracks where and when vehicle crashes are most likely to occur in the state.
Illinois' Number Of Traffic Deaths In 2017 Surpasses 1,000For the second year in a row, the number of people killed in crashes on Illinois roads has gone over 1,000.
Aurora Lists 10 Most Accident-Prone IntersectionsOfficials in Aurora have identified the city’s 10 most accident-prone intersections, where nearly 360 crashes occurred through the end of August.
Study: City's Red Light Camera Safety Claims ExaggeratedThe Emanuel administration was standing by the city’s scandal-plagued red light camera program on Friday, in the face of a Chicago Tribune study revealing the city’s safety claims have been overblown.
Black Ice Causes Crashes On Ohio Feeder RampA taxi cab was just one of several vehicles that crashed into the median, or into each other, due to invisible slick spots while trying to get to the Kennedy late Thursday night or early Friday.
Several Injured In Expressway Crashes Early TuesdaySeven people were injured during crashes on I-90 early Tuesday -- just one of several accidents that police said occurred on Chicago-area expressways in the early hours of the new year.
3 Accidents On I-290 Leave One Person DeadThree accidents -- one fatal -- brought traffic to a standstill Saturday night on the Eisenhower Expressway.
Cell Phone Use While Driving Blamed For 3 Holiday Weekend AccidentsSeveral accidents over the holiday weekend are being taken as more evidence of the dangers of using a cell phone while driving.