Home Flipper Finds Cremains Left Behind In Foreclosed House; 'This Is The Most Shocking Thing That I Could Find'Mark Wallace has been flipping homes for decades, and has found all kinds of odds and ends left behind, but has never made a discovery like this.
Mystery Solved: Coroner Reunites Urn, Ashes With FamilyTwo weeks ago, WBBM told you about an urn and cremated remains that had been found near a bike path in Hammond. Reporter Steve Miller has this follow-up.
Missing An Urn With Cremains? Call Indiana CoronerIt was not quite two weeks ago when an urn and cremated remains were found along a bike path in Hammond.
Woman Sues Funeral Home For Giving Niece's Ashes To Wrong PersonVera Brown had raised her niece, LaShaira Boyd, since Boyd’s own mother died. When Boyd died last spring at age 29, Brown wanted the body cremated, but a month after the funeral, she got some unsettling news from Fountain Jordan Shepard Funeral Home.
Wife's Ashes Returned To Elgin Man After BurglaryRoger Stettner’s wife’s ashes were stolen in a June 6 burglary at his home.
Former’s Cop’s Daughter Files Lawsuit Against Alleged Body Part TraffickerPequeena Dixon was told that the box of ashes she was handed two years ago by a north suburban cremation business was her father’s cremains. But when the FBI raided Biological Resource Center of Illinois last month, they made a disturbing find, according to a lawsuit filed Thursday: Dixon’s father’s head, shoulders and legs.
Kane County To Bury Cremated Remains Of 40 Unclaimed People TomorrowThe cremated remains of 40 people with no known family will be buried tomorrow in Kane County, reports WBBM's Brandis Friedman.
Expert: Difficult To Track Down Families Of Unclaimed CremainsThe head of a local cremation group said he’s not surprised to hear the Kane County Coroner is looking for relatives to claim the cremated remains of nearly 50 people.
Kane County Coroner Has Unclaimed Cremains Of 47 PeopleRob Russell’s office has unclaimed cremains dating back to 1952. Some were found in storage lockers, and one was even donated to Goodwill in a Gold Medal flour tin.
Funeral Director Going To Jail For Cremation Cover-UpProsecutors said Marcee Dane tried to cover up a mix-up involving a family's ashes by first lying to the family, then getting another person's remains and sending the family those remains to cover the mistake.