Schuster: Ricketts Silent On Wrigley Detailsubs owner Tom Ricketts would make an excellent politician because he can talk a long time without saying much. That was the case Sunday when Ricketts met the media and pretty much brushed away all questions regarding a deal with both the city and the neighborhood involving Wrigley Field.
Schuster: Konerko Pondering FuturePaul Konerko is the last of the Mohicans, meaning he's the final member of the 2005 World Series championship team that is still playing for the White Sox.
Schuster: Lillibridge Has A Good Shot To Make Cubs' Major League Roster Brent Lillibridge only signed a minor league deal with the Cubs, but he has a very good chance of making the Major League roster.
Schuster: Not Surprised Ventura Turned Down Extension The news that Robin Ventura had turned down a one-year contract extension really didn't surprise insiders.
Schuster: Bullpen Will Keep White Sox In ContentionThere's an adage in baseball that you're only as good as your bullpen. If that's the case, then the White Sox have a chance to prove a lot of the so called experts wrong.
Schuster: Marmol Fighting Back Against Woman Who Claimed Sexual AssaultCarlos Marmol says he's completely innocent of the accusations that have been levied against him.
Schuster: Theo Epstein Addresses Hairston Signing, Garza's HealthThe bunting tournament is back for the Cubs in Spring Training and believe it or not, that wasn't the biggest news for day one with the Cubs. Lots of topics were broached as Theo Epstein and crew addressed the assembled media.