'Hands Hurt, Mom': Chicago Boy With Autism Complains Of Injuries After Getting Off School Bus"They just told me, someone watched the video, from CPS and they called the DCFS hotline."
'There Was Nothing Left': DCFS Keeps Money Ex-Wards Say Is Owed To Them"There's nothing in there for me."
New Law Would Ban Restraining Children In Foster CareOn orders from the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services, transportation vendors regularly shackled foster children -- hands, feet, and a body length chain connecting all four limbs.
Activists Demand Systemic Change In Protest Outside Motel Where Girl, 10, Was Sexually Assaulted: 'This Was A Mausoleum Of Horror!'Activists turned out Wednesday in front of the Grand Motel in the South Side’s Washington Heights neighborhood, in support of a little girl who was sexually assaulted there last October.
Cook County Public Guardian Speaks Out After He Said He And His Department Were Being Silenced By DCFS"Now the composition of this council essentially all agencies that have contracts with DCFS. That really limits their ability to disagree with DCFS."
Why Are Suspects In Repeated Sexual Abuse Of 10-Year-Old Girl Free, While She Was Locked Up In A Psychiatric Facility?Police and child protective services are scrambling to explain why multiple men who sexually abused a 10-year-old girl remain free, even though the suspects are known.
Warning Signs: DCFS Releases Timeline Leading To Overdose Death Of 6-Year-OldFor the first time the Department of Children and Family Services is releasing its years-long timeline of encounters with the family of Kerri Rutherford, the 6-year-old girl who died of a drug overdose inside her Montgomery, Illinois, home this summer. 
Why Didn't DCFS Reveal The Timeline Leading To Overdose Death Of A 6 Year Old?In December 2015, credible evidence of abuse or neglect was found.
Teen In DCFS Custody Describes Experience Of Being Held In Psychiatric Hospital 67 Days Longer Than NecessaryHopeless, anxious, trapped – that is how a teenager described being locked in a psychiatric hospital for months longer than medically necessary.
Teen Spends 67 Days Longer Than Necessary In Psychiatric Ward, And Now DCFS Is Fighting His Request To Tell His StoryA teenager spent months longer than necessary locked in a psychiatric hospital, and now out and in the custody of the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services, he wanted to share his story.
Gov. Pritzker Has Vowed To Make Changes At DCFS, But Multiple Children Whose Families Were Investigated Have Still Been KilledGov. JB Pritzker has promised to make changes at the DCFS to protect children like the girl who was killed this weekend, Serenity Arrington. Still, dozens of children whose families were investigated by the DCFS have been killed in just the last year.