Emanuel Presses Springfield To Reduce Penalties For Minor Drug PossessionMayor Rahm Emanuel has called on state lawmakers to ease up on penalties for small-time drug possession cases, even though the city’s own effort to issue tickets for marijuana possession – rather than arrest suspects – has largely fizzled.
Move To Decriminalize Pot Possession Advances In SpringfieldProposed legislation sponsored by state Rep. Kelly Cassidy (D-Chicago) would make possession of an ounce of marijuana a petty offense, punishable only by a fine of no more than $100.
City Council Approves Plan To Issue Tickets For Small Amounts Of PotThe City Council has passed an ordinance that will make the possession of small amounts of marijuana punishable only by a ticket in most cases.
City Council Committee Endorses Mayor's Pot Ticketing PlanA City Council panel has given the first stage of approval to Mayor Rahm Emanuel's plan to allow police to issue tickets to people caught with small amounts of marijuana, rather than making arrests in all such cases.
Burke Concerned About Mayor's Marijuana Ticketing PlanThe city’s most influential alderman on Monday said he had serious concerns about Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s plan to decriminalize possession of small amounts of marijuana.
Emanuel Backs Proposal To Lessen Penalties For Small Amounts Of MarijuanaA proposal to lighten the penalties for possessing small amounts of marijuana in Chicago has the backing of Mayor Rahm Emanuel.
McCarthy Open To Changes In Marijuana Policy, But Not DecriminalizationPolice Supt. Garry McCarthy says he has no problem with treating low-level drug cases differently, but he draws the line at decriminalizing marijuana.