UPDATE: Miloud Ladmia, 69, LocatedMiloud Ladmia, 69, has been reported missing from the Portage Park neighborhood. 
Lilly Selling Half-Price Version Of Popular Humalog InsulinThe fast-acting insulin, which diabetics inject shortly before each meal, is used by about 700,000 Americans.
Lilly To Sell Cheaper Version Of Top-Selling Insulin HumalogInsulin is a hormone made by the pancreas that helps the body use glucose for energy. When a patient's body doesn't make enough insulin, they have to take it by injection or through a pump.
Downstate Woman Accused Of Hiding Teen’s Diabetes Diagnosis, Leading To Her DeathA Madison County mother is accused of concealing her daughter’s medical condition, which reportedly led to her death.
CBS 2 Steps Out To Stop DiabetesAccording to the ADA, more than 30 million Americans are living with diabetes. 
Step Out And Donate To Stop DiabetesCBS Chicago is partnering with the American Diabetes Association to raise money for diabetes research.
Glowing Contact Lenses Could Help Diabetics Keep Vision LongerMillions of people with diabetes live with the dread of eventually losing their eyesight to the disease. A California researcher has developed a glowing contact lens he believes could help millions of patients keep their vision longer.
Elderly Diabetic Woman With Alzheimer's Missing Since June 7Police said 82-year-old Joyce Gatewood has been missing since June 7 from the 2800 block of West Fulton Street.
Diet Soda, Sweeteners Can Still Cause Diabetes, Study FindsA study of rats has revealed that artificial sweeteners, commonly used in zero-calorie sodas, actually did as much harm to the body as a high-sugar diet.
American Diabetes Association Expo On SaturdayOne out of every 11 Americans has diabetes.
American Diabetes Association ExpoMore than 34 million Americans have diabetes. More than 80 million likely have prediabetes, and many don't even know it.