Police Cracking Down On Distracted Driving Across IllinoisKane County is one of the most dangerous counties in the state when it comes to getting behind the wheel, and it's the site of a major crackdown as police are working to drive those numbers down. 
Gary Police Announce Zero Tolerance Cell Phone Enforcement Starting April 1The Gary Police Department said it will conduct a week long zero tolerance cell phone enforcement campaign beginning Monday.
AAA Study: Android Auto And CarPlay Less Distracting, But Not Safe While DrivingA new study by the AAA has examined the impact of vehicle infotainment systems on distracted driving.
Speeding, Distracted Driving Ranked Top Traffic Offenses On TollwaysThere were 5,078 tickets and warnings issued for distracted driving, and 40,955 tickets and warnings for speeding on Chicago area tollways last year.
Arlington Heights PD Starts Program To Address Distracted DrivingThe NW suburban police department is taking it a step further in an effort to get motorists to put down their cell phones while driving.
Lawsuit Alleges City Uses Distracted Driving Tickets As "Piggy Bank"“It’s obviously a well-intentioned law," attorney Jacie Zolna said. "But ... the city can’t look at it as just another piggy bank.”
Crystal Lake Police Crackdown On Distracted DriversA week of stepping up enforcement in distracted driving laws resulted in more than 120 motorists being pulled over in the northwest suburb.
More Police Vigilance, Tickets During Distracted Driving Awareness WeekExpect to see police being more vigilant this week in giving out warnings and tickets on this Distracted Driving Awareness Week in Illinois.
New Study Reveals 25 Percent Of Crashes Involved A Person On The PhoneOne in four drivers was apparently on the phone in the moments right before a crash, a new study reveals.
Other Passengers, Not Phones, The Biggest Distraction In Crashes For Teen DriversA new study has found distracted driving is to blame for nearly 60 percent of traffic accidents involving teenagers.
AAA: Many Motorists Have "Do As I Say, Not As I Do" Attitude Toward Risky DrivingA new survey has found a significant percentage of drivers taking chances on the road, even though they believe those kinds of behaviors are dangerous.