Cook County Opening Free Shower Facilities In 3 Forest Preserves To Dixmoor ResidentsPeople in Dixmoor plagued by persistent water problems can finally clean up.
Crews Working To Open Valve Believed To Be Cause Of Dixmoor's Weeklong Water WoesAfter many residents and businesses in Dixmoor have suffered with little to no water pressure over the past week, village officials said Friday they have identified the cause of the problem and are working to fix it.
Cook County Leaders Visit Harvey To Help Identify Water Main Issue; Dixmoor Residents Continue To Face ChallengesResidents in south suburban Dixmoor facing another day of challenges while Cook County leaders try to help identify the issue in Harvey on Thursday. 
Preckwinkle To Visit Dixmoor Amid Ongoing Water WoesCook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle will visit south suburban Dixmoor on Thursday to assess the water woes plaguing the town.
Dixmoor Residents Continue To Experience Low Water Pressure; 'This Is Not A Third World Country'Thousands of residents in Dixmoor are still experiencing water pressure issues from over the weekend, having a trickle of water to none at all.
Dixmoor Sends Plea For Help As Water Pressure Down To A Trickle In Parts Of South Suburb“We need help,” Village President Fitzgerald Roberts said in a statement Wednesday morning. “We need someone who can help us find this problem.”
Water Pressure Problems Persist In Dixmoor, Boil Order Remains In EffectWater problems persisted Tuesday in south suburban Dixmoor, where a boil order remains in effect.
More Water Problems In Dixmoor, After Pipe Breaks In Harvey; 'I Just Hope They Fix It Soon'The water woes continue in south suburban Dixmoor, after residents spent part of the day with no water, and they’re blaming the city of Harvey.
Amid Continuing Water Pressure Woes In Dixmoor, Residents Aren't Confident The Next Fix Will Be The LastResidents of south suburban Dixmoor were frustrated again on Sunday, as they went on a second day in a row with water issues.
Water Pressure Falls To Half Normal Levels Amid Ongoing Water Crisis In DixmoorWater pressure fell to half its normal levels in Dixmoor on Saturday, effectively leaving all residents of the south suburb without running water.
Chicago Magnesium Casting Company Bringing Dozens Of Jobs To DixmoorDozens of new jobs are coming to south suburban Dixmoor.