Dixmoor Residents Claim Same Police Officer Shot Their Dogs Dead, No Record Of It Was KeptOfficial records show that at least four dogs were shot and killed by one police officer in south suburban Dixmoor, who claimed they were aggressive. But some residents claim the real number is much higher than four.
Owners Worry As Dogs Develop Mysterious Allergic Reactions At Olive ParkPeople who live near Olive Park on the lakefront are afraid to walk their dogs there now.
Chicago Animal Care And Control Taking In Lost Pets 'Nonstop' Since Fireworks DisplaysIt's no secret fireworks scare most dogs. Thursday night's light shows did more than send them into hiding. Some took off running and still haven't been found. 
Animals Left Homeless By Oklahoma Storms Brought To ChicagoDozens of dogs and cats left homeless by recent storms in Oklahoma have been brought to Chicago.
Dog DNA Testing Takes Off, Generating DebateThe tests' rise has stirred debate about standards, interpretation and limitations. But to many dog owners, DNA is a way to get to know their companions better.
Family Wants Two Pit Bulls Euthanized After Fatal AttackThe Westchester police chief said the dogs are now at a facility until a judge decides whether they should be euthanized.
Morton Grove Dog Owners Warned Of 'Rat-Poison-Laced Treats' On TrailThe warnings came from a Facebook post written by the Heartland Animal Shelter. The local animal shelter says two dogs are now fighting for their lives.
Looking To Adopt A Pet For The Holidays?"We really want to make sure that people understand this is a commitment and responsibility for life," said Kelley Gandurski, the executive director of Chicago Care and Animal Control.
Apartment Building Plans To Use Dog DNA Samples To Fine Owners Who Don't Clean UpAlta Roosevelt will require a cheek swab DNA sample from all dogs and will fine offenders who don't clean up their pet's mess $200.
Rochelle And Gilmore, Two Dogs From Jail Training Program, Need Forever HomesTwo dogs who recently completed a new obedience training program at the Cook County Jail are looking for their forever homes.
House Bans Eating Of Cats, DogsThe House passed a bill Wednesday by voice vote banning the slaughter, transportation, sale and possession of dogs and cats for consumption.
Fetching A Fun Way To Play Catch At The K-9 Frisbee Tournament"The dogs love and respect this and this is the thing that they live for."
Couple Lets House Go To The Dogs To Find Homes For Thousands Of RescuesRon Danta and Danny Robertshaw's home isn't really for people. There are 86 dogs right now, which means there are 86 different animals in need of daily care.
New Brain Cancer Treatment For Dogs Could Someday Help HumansResearchers at the Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine at Virginia Tech are enrolling dogs with glioblastoma into a clinical trial to test the experimental drug.
Paw-ternity Leave: Companies Offer Paid Leave To Care For Sick PetsSome companies across the U.S. are recognizing this and are now offering employees paid leave to care for new puppies or sick pets.