Bernstein: Bears Make Their BreakAt least the Bears defense can say that it made its own luck.
Hoge: Bears Look To Close Offensive Gap With Rodgers, PackersGiven the struggles of the Bears’ defense, it might be asking too much to expect a win.
Bernstein: No Surprises From BearsDespite those holding out for an inspired, season-saving turn at home against their overly-professed enemy, we got a wholly recognizable, ordinary performance and an entirely probable outcome.
Durkin's Playbook: Did Cutler Give Packers' 'Two-Man' Too Much Credit?Let’s take a closer look at Jay Cutler’s four interceptions to determine if the Packers were even in Cover-2 Man, but more importantly, to get to the bottom of where the finger(s) should be pointed.
Bears, Packers Coordinators In Spotlight SundayBoth the Green Bay Packers and Chicago Bears needed help two years ago (Packers) and last year (Bears). The NFC Championship game could come down to the moves Chicago's Mike Martz and Green Bay's Dom Capers make.
Battle Of Minds: Martz vs CapersMike Martz and Dom Capers are two of the most well-respected coordinators in the NFL. On Sunday, they'll go head to head see who can get the upper hand, and they'll likely go about it the same way.
Bernstein: Bears Fans Need To Shut UpFeel free to be as crazy as you want at Soldier Field on Sunday. Fortify yourself with your drink of choice, wave a sign with whatever risqué taunt you can create, wear your superfan-finest or be that shirtless guy, but promise one thing:
Bears vs Packers Preview & Prediction