Workers Changing Jobs At Faster RateIt used to be people hung on to their jobs as long as possible, spending decades with the same company. Today, more workers are leaving jobs rapidly. Believe it or not, it's a sign the economy is getting better.
Housing Starts Are Up, But Availability Of Trade Builders DownIt’s one of the growing pains of an improved economy. CBS 2's Ed Curran reports.
Need For Special-Ed Teachers Provides Opportunities For MillennialsYoung people right out of college call it a crisis as the unemployment rate among the millennials is high. CBS 2's Jim Williams reports there is a profession with lots of job openings, but the work is very demanding.
Number Of Food Insecure People Continues To Swell In Chicago AreaWe've seen signs the economy is improving, but a new report today reveals many people here in the Chicago area are still struggling and the number is growing.
Millennials Being Hit By 'Quarter-Life Crisis' No doubt, you've heard of the mid-life crisis. It affects people in their 40s and 50s. But did you know there's a quarter-life crisis, too? It's hitting the youngest adults.
Schakowsky Applauds Latest Job NumbersSkokie Democrat Jan Schakowsky says the lower unemployment figures are welcome as far as they go, which isn’t quite far enough.
U Of C Economist Says Sequestration Fears OverblownA University of Chicago economist says sequestration might help a bit, certainly will not hurt nearly as badly as the administration is warning, reports WBBM’s John Cody.
Some Employers Just Can't Fill Good JobsCBS 2’s Dorothy Tucker shows you 10 local jobs for which the demand to fill is greater than the supply of applicants. She’ll tell you what you need to get hired.
Study Finds Pace Of Job Cuts Lowest in 15 Years
Unemployment Rate Dips, But Some Still Looking For WorkEmployers hired 146,000 workers last month, nearly twice as many as analysts expected, dropping the jobless rate to 7.7 percent. CBS 2’s Chris Martinez reports.
Opinion: The Fourteenth Amendment SolutionSpeaker John Boehner believes he holds a strong hand in fiscal cliff and debt limit talks. He is, once again, taking the global economy hostage and playing politics with the U.S. debt limit.
More Companies Plan Holiday Parties This YearThere may be fewer employees around to enjoy it, but more companies are holding holiday parties this year, according to a new survey.
Opinion: My2KObama is hoping to promote the discussion of the Bush tax cut extensions by getting people hooked on the topic and by getting them to use the #My2K hashtag on Twitter.
Opinion: We Must Fix Our Crumbling InfrastructureMost Americans who traveled during this Thanksgiving holiday came face to face with an American reality: while there is much to be thankful for, our infrastructure is not one of those things.
Opinion: Americans Failed Walmart WorkersAfter all the hype regarding Walmart employees’ discontent with their employer and the threat of a strike on Black Friday, the long holiday weekend was saw banner sales and virtually no protest at Walmarts.