Annual USO BBQ At Illinois Car Dealers Moving OnlineWhat started as a barbecue at a local new car dealer has become an annual celebration at dealerships across Illinois, raising money for the USO. The event this year won’t be the  same party, but the need is still there and new car dealers are just doing it in a different way. 
Chicago Weather: A Cool Weekend Ahead, But When Will It Finally Warm Up?We'll fall short of the normal temp we'd expect for early October, with highs that are similar to early November.
Chicago Weather: Cool And Rainy MondayAfter a warm weekend, Monday's high will only be around 64°. Tonight will be partly cloudy, with lows in the upper 40s.
Chicago Weather: Cooler And Less HumidLook for partly cloudy skies Thursday night with upper 60s.
Chicago Weather: A Cooler And Less Humid Pattern To ComeAs expected, we are looking at the development of some showers in northwest Illinois, which are forming along a cold front, just south of the Wisconsin state line.
Ed's Driveway: BMW 340iCBS 2's Ed Curran took a test drive and says it's not your typical BMW 3 series. Along with being a superb driving machine, it's an exciting enthusiast's dream car.
This Month Marks 5 Years Since Tornado Ravaged DeKalb County Town Of FairdaleThis month marks five years since an EF-4 tornado swept through the DeKalb County community of Fairdale, leaving several homes and businesses flattened.
Chicago Weather: Severe Thunderstorms Pass Through, Large Hailstones Leave DamageA cold front arrives Tuesday evening and with that comes a possible storm threat.
RealTime Weather: Chances Of Severe Storms Diminish, Tornado Watch CanceledAs if Chicagoans didn't have enough reason to stay at home, here's another: Today's weather will be very stormy, with the potential for dangerous conditions, including a chance for strong tornadoes.
Chicago Weather: Severe Thunderstorms Are On The WaySome areas may also experience heavy downpours. The biggest concern, however, is for Saturday afternoon and early evening as northern Illinois has the potential for significant severe weather.
Chicago Weather: Active Pattern Takes ShapeAfter a beautiful sunny day in Chicago with warm temperatures, we’re headed into a rainy stretch.