Ed's Driveway: Chevrolet SuburbanWhether you're car pooling, Uber driving or just need a ton of cargo space, the cargo room in the back of the Suburban is insane. 
Ed's Driveway: Chevy TraverseThere are those SUVs that cram a third row in the back, not thinking that people actually have to sit in it. This is not one of those SUVs!
Ed's Driveway: Volvo XC90 RechargeEven if you don't think a station wagon styled SUV is your cup of tea, you'd better take another look at the Volvo XC90 Recharge.
Ed's Driveway: Alfa Romeo GiuliaThe Alfa Romeo Giulia is an entry level luxury sport sedan that is simply done right
Ed's Driveway: Cadillac CT5-VIf you're not aware, driving a Cadillac can be an exhilarating experience, especially behind the wheel of a car like the CT5-V. This is absolutely a driver's car. 
Ed's Driveway: Toyota RAV4 PrimeThe acceleration in the RAV4 plug-in hybrid is incredibly impressive, and so is the range.
Ed's Driveway: BMW 228i Gran CoupeIt's a four door version of the 2 series. Twice the doors doesn't mean half the fun.
Ed's Driveway: 2020 Jeep CherokeeThe 2020 Jeep Cherokee is a good size, has beefy construction like you'd expect in a Jeep and can handle an off-road environment.
Ed's Driveway: Mercedes E53 AMGFrom the AMG folks at Mercedes-Benz, the E53 is an exciting performance coupe. It is a gas powered coupe with a little electric boost.
Ed's Driveway: Mazda CX-30The beautiful Mazda CX-30 is a brand new crossover from the Japanese automaker, and it has some really outstanding styling.
Ed's Driveway: Dodge Durango SRTThe Durango offers crisp handling for a large vehicle, a tight suspension that will knock your fillings loose when in track mode, and a nice infotainment system. 
Ed's Driveway: Cadillac XT6CBS 2's Ed Curran is test driving the Cadillac XT6.
Ed's Driveway: 2021 Ford BroncoFord took the wraps off the 2021 Ford Bronco earlier this week. It's the hotly anticipated return of a model that hasn't been around in more than 20 years. 
Ed's Driveway: Toyota SupraThe heart of the Toyota Supra is the BMW Z4, but Toyota has put a special spin on this car that really sets it apart from its BMW counterpart.
Ed's Driveway: Kia SeltosKia really impresses with its SUV lineup, and the Seltos fits right in.