Millennials Help Push Midterm Turnout In Chicago To Highest Level In 32 YearsOverall, 56 percent of registered voters in Chicago cast a ballot in the election, either in person on Election Day, during early voting, or by mail.
Michigan Voters Approve Recreational MarijuanaSupporters say it will raise roughly $130 million in additional tax revenue each year that will go toward road repairs, schools and local governments. They also say it will allow for greater regulation of pot usage and for the police to focus on more pressing problems.
Young Voters Leading Surge In Ballots Cast In Cook CountyIn Chicago, as of Tuesday afternoon, voters ages 18 to 34 have cast 125,808 ballots.
Two Election Judges Removed, Several Precincts To Stay Open LateOne judge appeared intoxicated and left on his own. Another judge smelled of alcohol and had to be removed by police.
12 Northwest Indiana Polling Places To Stay Open LateA dozen polling places in Porter County, Indiana, will stay open later than normal, after problems that forced them to open late.
Looking Out For Election Day ShenanigansOne of the biggest things that has happened in this election run is the record-breaking number of people that have applied to vote by mail. And that is causing some questions to come up in precinct polling places.
Youth Wave? Millennial Voter Turnout Expected To Break Record In 2018Millennial voters are expected to turn out to vote in droves across the country, and Chicago is no exception.
Election Day Deals: Get Freebies, Discounts If You VoteFree coffee, cookies, or fries. Those and other freebies and discounts are being offered around the Chicago area on Election Day. You can even get free rides to and from the polls.
Polls Open For Midterm Elections After Record-Setting Early VotingPolls are open across Illinois as voters cast their ballots in the races for governor, other statewide offices, Congress, the Illinois General Assembly, and many county races.
Record Number of Early Voters; Some Waiting Hours In LineA record number of early voters waited hours in lines that wrapped around blocks.
Free Field Museum Admission On Election Day for Illinois ResidentsIllinois residents can visit the Field Museum for free on Election Day.
Campaign 2018: Early Voting In The Final Weekend Before Election DayThis weekend marks an urgent final push to get last-minute voters to head to the polls for early voting through Monday as well as on Election Day.
Chicago's Women's March Draws Thousands: 'This Is A Different Sense Of Urgency'"This is the most important election of my lifetime and basically everyone's."
Election Judges Needed For NovemberThere are around 6,800 judges throughout the city but to be fully staffed, the Chicago Board of Election needs 10,000 judges. 
As Elections Approach, What's The Risk Of Russian Meddling?Experts said it is too late to safeguard U.S. voting systems and campaigns this election cycle.