CTA Holiday Train Pulls Into Stations FridayThe holiday train now joins the annual holiday bus that began rolling on Tuesday.
Thanksgiving Comes Early For Brookfield Zoo LemursThe lemurs have celebrated Thanksgiving at the zoo for the past six years.
CTA Holiday Bus Hits The Road, Decorative Train Rolls Out FridayThe CTA's holiday bus, which was to debut at the weekend's Magnificent Mile Festival of Lights Parade, will take up 15 different bus routes during the holiday season.
Project Onward And The Creative Art Of Moving Upward"We know our population that we work with, which is artists with disabilities. But they are professional artists so the focus is on their art. We can talk to the artist and help them refocus on their artwork."
'Nevermore' Will Have More Days For Visitors At ExhibitAlong with the extending the dates of the show, Nevermore will provide free tickets and be open on Wednesdays for Chicago Public School groups "for select hours." 
Matchbox Cars, Coloring Book, Card Game Magic Make Toy Hall of FameThey will be permanently showcased alongside 68 previous winners that include alphabet blocks, the Big Wheel, G.I. Joe and others recognized for their innovation, longevity and ability to foster creativity or discovery through play.
Trina Is The PAWS Chicago Dog Of The WeekJust go to the PAWS Adoption Center in Lincoln Park at 1997 North Clybourn Avenue for more information on Trina and other pets ready for their forever homes.
The Meaningful And Macabre Works Of Chicago Painter Ivan Albright"I think one of the tantalizing aspects of Albright’s work is that it is both enticing and repulsive at the same time. The initial response may be ‘oh that’s gruesome’ but the enticement is how he painted them."
Prince's Posthumous Book Released As Fans Continue To MournPanic, joy, shock: Dan Piepenbring felt them all when Prince plucked him to collaborate on his first memoir, followed by more shock and profound sadness at news of the superstar's death while the book was in its early stages.
Gilded Hollywood 'Silver Screen' Glamour On Display At The Chicago History Museum"Partly what it did was provide hope. So to dress like your favorite movie star was aspirational."
Day Of The Dead Exhibit 'A Celebration Of Life'Even though the word “dead" is in the Day of the Dead, it’s a matter of life. It truly is about the living and those of us who remain here remembering the memory of those who are no longer here."
Hebru Brantley's 'Nevermore' Is The Past, The Present And Much More"It’s about community at-large I feel. There’s sort of a bigger story that I’m hinting at. It’s about community. It’s about what they can do to ultimately affect change," Brantley said. "It’s definitely speaking to culture. To African American culture. To Chicago culture."
Open House Chicago Welcomes Visitors This Weekend“Pick an area that you’re curious about, where you know there are one or two sites that you absolutely need to see. And just go see everything there. And kind of make a day or afternoon of it."
Warhol Retrospective Reveals Andy's Playful And Provocative Influences"His true genius lies in his ability to identify cultural patterns and to use repetition, distortion, and recycled images in a way that challenges our faith in images and questions the meaning of our cultural icons."
Local Shop Recycles Paint And Reinvests In Those With Special Needs"We've diverted 66,000 containers last year away from landfills and 80% of it is becoming a brand new paint. It's a really cool process you can see from beginning to end."