Cryo-Robot Seeks To Reduce Human Error In Handling Of Frozen Embryos, Other TissueCBS 2’s was the only camera allowed inside a protected room at one of Chicago’s fastest-growing fertility clinics, for a look at a new technology promising nearly to eliminate human error.
Three Chicago Moms Launch Nyssa, A Company Aimed At Improving Postpartum Health CareA new well-being business is coming to Chicago on Friday to bring new moms some comfort during their postpartum recovery.
Celebrity Shoutout App Cameo Makes LinkedIn List Of Top StartupsA hot new tech company called Cameo is the only Chicago firm to make LinkedIn’s 2019 “Top Startups” list, and they’re hiring. Cameo allows consumers to pay celebrities to give shoutouts to friends and family.
Most Drivers Don't Stop For Pedestrians Waiting At Marked CrosswalksSigns are everywhere on Illinois streets, reminding drivers to stop for pedestrians in the crosswalk, even if there’s no stop sign, but does anyone really yield for pedestrians?
Northfield Residents Want Proposed Bike Path Moved To Abandoned Rail BedPutting in a bike path might not seem controversial on the surface, but some people living in north suburban Northfield are not happy with the current plan to extend the existing Skokie Valley Trail.
Spoofing Victim Warns Others Of Phone Scams: 'This One, I Felt, Was Really Unbelievably Real'It’s an old scam with some modern twists; someone calls a senior citizen, pretending to be a relative in trouble, and asks for money.
Sticker Shock: Sprint Sends $1,900 Phone Bill After Canceling Shoddy Cell ServiceSusan Schweder’s cell service went from fine to infuriating when she moved, but that was nothing compared to the sticker shock over a $1,900 phone bill.
Operation North Pole Helps Light Up Christmas For Terminally Ill ChildrenThe magic of Operation North Pole in Rosemont had many sick children and their families smiling all weekend.
Radical Root Organic Farm Seeks To Help People 'Really Take Control Of Their Health'Allison Parker and her husband, Alex, grow certified organic vegetables and raise pastured animals in the most ecological way possible at Radical Root Organic Farm.
CTA Using New Seating Configuration On Blue Line TrainsThe CTA is using a new seat configuration on Blue Line trains, which is supposed to make rides more comfortable for passengers, especially compared to the seating arrangement on the Red Line.
As Sexual Assault Cases Take Spotlight, Rape Crisis Hotline Sees Surge In CallsOne in every four women is sexually assaulted. For victims, high-profile stories of other victims can bring flashbacks, stress and anxiety.