Evanston Sees 3 Homicides Within 4 Days After None At All Since Beginning Of YearEvanston has seen three murders in just the past week, after not seeing a killing since the beginning of the year.
Evanston Police Locate 2 Children Who Went Missing Tuesday NightJames Monroe, 4, and Saniyah Curington, 13, were last seen at 821 Dobson St. in Evanston Tuesday night. 
Parents Say Evanston School Custodian Sexually Assaulted Daughter, 12; Demand To Know Why He Hasn't Been ArrestedThe parents of a 12-year-old girl allege she was sexually assaulted by a custodian in her Evanston middle school’s bathroom.
Skokie Man Charged In Connection With Uncle Dan's Burglary In EvanstonA Skokie man has been charged in connection with a burglary at a story in Evanston last week.
2 People In Custody After Jeep Flees Area Where Shots Were Fired In EvanstonEvanston police said Wednesday afternoon they have two persons of interest in custody after they were searching for occupants of a silver Jeep that was seen fleeing an area where shots were fired.
Gage Park Man Charged With Murdering Romantic Rival In EvanstonA Chicago man has been charged with murder for killing another man who was also romantically involved with his girlfriend, Evanston police said.
Evanston Township High School Employee Under Investigation For Alleged Inappropriate ContactOfficials at Evanston Township High School didn't return calls for comment on Friday but said in a statement that "an employee is under investigation for inappropriate contact with students" adding that it does not involve "a teacher, coach or counselor."
Neighbors Of Elderly Evanston Home Invasion Victim Say She Was TargetedA man posed as a maintenance worker who was working on a broken sewer next door to the home of an 82-year-old woman who became the victim of a home invasion Tuesday, according to neighbors.
Evanston Theater-Goers Shocked When Police Show Up With Guns DrawnAn Evanston movie theater went from showcasing thrillers to becoming its own scary movie when the film suddenly stopped and police appeared. 
Lip Sync Challenge Sweeps Evanston, Lincolnwood, Niles and Skokie Police DepartmentsThere's an epidemic sweeping police departments in the northern suburbs--but it's not the usual run-of-the-mill crime. Cops in Evanston, Niles, Lincolnwood and Skokie just can't seem to stop singing and dancing along to the music.
Busy Evanston Intersection The Scene Of An Afternoon ShootingAt least three people were shot in Evanston Thursday afternoon before a man crashed an SUV and tried to take refuge in a Popeye's restaurant near Howard and Damen.