Danny Glover Leads Charge For Reparations In EvanstonActor and activist Danny Glover led the charge for reparations Wednesday night in Evanston.
City Of Evanston To Use Cannabis Revenue For Reparations Fund For African-American Residents
Fire Breaks Out In Home On Mulford Street In EvanstonAn extra-alarm fire broke out late Wednesday afternoon in Evanston.
Parents Say Evanston School Custodian Sexually Assaulted Daughter, 12; Demand To Know Why He Hasn't Been ArrestedThe parents of a 12-year-old girl allege she was sexually assaulted by a custodian in her Evanston middle school’s bathroom.
Dean Of Northwestern Journalism School 'Deeply Troubled By The Vicious Bullying' Of Student Newspaper Reporters Who Covered Protests Of Jeff Sessions' VisitWhitaker said that while he understood why the newspaper felt obligated to issue an apology, he said they were "beat into submission by the vitriol and relentless public shaming they have been subjected to since the Sessions stories appeared.
Police Investigate After Racist Mailing Targets 3 Evanston SchoolsEvanston police were investigating Monday night, after three Evanston schools were the targets of racist mail.
No Halloween Parties For Evanston Elementary Schools This YearHalloween parties and parades were canceled this year for all elementary and middle school students.
Skokie Man Charged In Connection With Uncle Dan's Burglary In EvanstonA Skokie man has been charged in connection with a burglary at a story in Evanston last week.
Man Arrested In Evanston, Accused Of Stalking Chicago WomanA man was arrested in Evanston this week and charged with stalking a Chicago woman.
'We Made A Mistake:' Company Admits Errors In Evanston Gas Main StrikesA construction company says their mistakes caused their equipment to strike the same natural gas main twice within a few days in Evanston, and they are now working to improve their practices.
Natural Gas Main Break In EvanstonThe fire department said underground boring had been taking place and that it was the cause of the main break. It will take a few more hours before the area is completely safe and customers will be able to use gas in their homes.