45 Evictions Filed In Chicago Since End Of Eviction Moratorium; CDC Has Now Put Limited Extension On BanNew details have been released on the total number of evictions already filed as the moratorium is lifted in Illinois.
With Eviction Moratorium Over, Many Chicagoans In Need Of Rental Assistance Are Still In LimboThe nationwide moratorium on evictions is over, but thousands are still waiting to find out if help is on the way.
Cook County Offers Assistance With Eviction Moratorium Ending; Landlords Say Moratorium Has Had Their Hands TiedA federal ban on evictions expired over the weekend, and now they worry they will lose the roof over their heads. Some protections in place will delay the actual enforcement of evictions in Illinois until next month.
How Illinois Hopes To Avoid Summer Eviction SurgeThe state expects to provide $1.1 billion in relief to renters and landlords, plus $400 million that will be available in some cities.
Eviction Moratorium Update: Without An Extension, What Happens To Renters After July 31?The CDC's eviction moratorium ends on July 31, which leaves renters uncertain about their future in an economy still recovering from COVID.
Illinois To Begin Lifting Eviction Moratorium Next Month; Gov. JB Pritzker Urges Tenants To Apply For Next Round Of Rental AssistanceThe governor will issue a new executive order on July 23, allowing for eviction filings to resume in Illinois on Aug. 1. However, enforcement of eviction orders against tenants who qualified for the moratorium will not be allowed until after Aug. 31.
Illinois Eviction Moratorium To Be Gradually Lifted In July, Renters Groups Offers AssistanceThe rental assistance information is available from the Resident Association of Greater Englewood at 66th and Halsted on Wednesday from 1:00 until 3:00 p.m.
Landlords, Renters Await Word On End Of The Pandemic Eviction Moratorium"Many of them are waiting for the governor to come back with an all out declaration regarding what the future of moratorium is."
CDC: Eviction Moratorium Extended Through The End Of JulyThe moratorium was set to expire next Wednesday, June 30. It's now extended through July 31.
Tenant Organizations Rally For Sandra Diaz, Who Says She Was Wrongfully Evicted During Pandemic And Didn't Know Her RightsSeveral tenant organizations came together Saturday to support a woman they say was wrongfully evicted.
Glitch In System Stopping Evictions Not Covered By Governor's MoratoriumA glitch in the system dealing with evictions is now stopping evictions that do not fall under the Illinois governor's moratorium.