Mayor To Make Sure Ventra's 'Feet Are Held To The Fire' On CTA Switchover ProblemsMayor says Ventra contractor won't get paid until system is working the way it should.
Transit Union: Delay Final Ventra Switchover Until It's FixedAmalgamated Transit Union Division 308 President Robert Kelly said the employees he represents are getting verbal abuse daily.
CTA Reinstates Ability To Buy Magnetic Fare Cards A reversal from the CTA today as the agency deals with problems with its new Ventra cards.
CTA No Longer Selling Magnetic Stripe Fare CardsThe CTA’s switchover to the new Ventra fare system was hitting a major milestone on Monday, as the agency stopped sales of its old magnetic-striped fare cards at train stations.
CTA, Pace Roll Out Ventra Fare System For All RidersOn Monday, Ventra cards will begin replacing the familiar plastic and paper fare cards with magnetic stripes, which CTA and Pace customers have been using for years.
O'Hare, Airline Employees To Get Free Rides On Blue Line For NowAs many as 3,000 airline employees and other workers at O'Hare International Airport will be able to board the CTA Blue Line free at the airport through July 12, as the transit agency scrambles to provide them with special fare cards.
CTA Rolls Back Some Controversial Ventra Fare Card FeesCTA Ventra payment card holders who use the card's controversial debit features won't be charged for talking to public transit customer service operators or using the cards for cash ATM withdrawals under new fee rollbacks revealed Thursday.
RTA Already Replacing Thousands Of New Senior Fare CardsThe Regional Transportation Authority's new senior half-fare cards have only been in use since Labor Day, but it is already replacing hundreds each week.
New Transit Fare Cards Arriving For SeniorsNew fare cards have begun to arrive from the RTA for more than 427,000 Chicago area senior citizens in the next few days.
New Transit Cards Going Out For Low-Income SeniorsNew RTA fare cards are going out to 427,000 Chicago-area seniors sooner than expected.
City Will Pull Buses From Lakefront During BlizzardThe CTA and the city of Chicago are taking steps to make sure that if another blizzard socks the city, buses won't be stranded on Lake Shore Drive.