Car Dealership Offering Service Discounts, Plus Free Delivery And Pickup, For Healthcare Staff, First RespondersOur healthcare heroes are on the go, but to get from here to there to care for COVID-19 patients, their vehicles need to run properly.
McDonald's Donating 1 Million N95 Respirator Masks To First Responders, Health Care WorkersChicago-based McDonald's is donating 750,000 N95 respirator face masks to Chicago for healthcare workers and first responders.
Protective Shield Developed For First Responders Facing COVID-19 Cases"I feel a little bit like it's a war effort. Because this is a war against the virus. It's the thing that we need right now. Sticking together and not making profit out of it."
Chicago's First Responders Working With Department Of Public Health On New Pandemic PracticesWhile many are staying home to stay safe, first responders cannot. 
First Responders, Hospitals Take Precautions To Fight Spread Of CoronavirusThe pressure to respond to the coronavirus pandemic falls not just on hospital workers, but also on our first responders – and ensuring they are protected when answering the call.
Chicago Area First Responders Prepare For Coronavirus"You're going to have firefighters more than likely dressed up with masks, goggles, gowns and that's per the recommendations of the CDC."
'It's Always Worth Trying To Clean Up For The Kids': Paramedic Field Chief Speaks On Heroin Epidemic On West SideChicago's paramedics and first responders are on the front lines of the city's heroion epidemic every day, especially on the West Side. 
Nonprofit Addresses Mental Health Stigma For First RespondersThe group's latest showcase, "First Responders", explores the mental health experiences of firefighters, paramedics and law enforcement.
'Chicago's Finest' Honored With Commemorative StampThe commemorative Forever stamp "honors the men and women who serve as firefighters, law enforcement officers and emergency medical professionals for their skill, dedication and uncommon bravery."
First Responders Accidentally Ingesting Powdered Opioids Is On The RiseA growing number of first responders are accidentally ingesting opioids while responding to drug calls.
Addison's 'First Responders Academy' Offers Instructional 8 Week ClassA dozen residents of west suburban Addison are getting a taste of what it’s like to be a police officer and a firefighter.