Influenza Type B, Usually Seen Late In Season, Is Making Early AppearanceThe flu season in Chicago is starting with a twist.
Chicago Health Officials Urge Flu Vaccinations This FallChicago public health officials are encouraging residents to get a flu shot before the end of October.
More Than 20 Percent Of Students Called In Sick Wednesday At School In Arlington HeightsA northwest suburban middle school is reminding parents to keep their kids home if they’re sick, and urging students to wash their hands, after nearly 200 students called out sick on Wednesday.
CDC: This Year's Flu Shot Less Than 50% Effective In Preventing InfectionAccording to the Illinois Department of Public Health, over the past decade, influenza and pneumonia have been associated with an average of 3,500 deaths a year in the state. At least four children in Illinois died from the flu last year.
Study: Most U.S. Adults Have Not Gotten A Flu Shot For This SeasonThe mild season is a dramatic shift from the previous flu season, which was the deadliest in decades, with more than 80,000 flu-related deaths in the United States.
New Flu Drug Approved By The FDAXofluza is expected to be made available in the next few weeks. 
Cook County Officials: Get A Flu ShotThe CDC recommends that everyone over the age of six months get a flu shot. The nasal flu vaccine (LAIV) is also an option. 
First Flu Death Prompts Doctors To Pressure Patients To Get VaccineThe flu season is just starting, but it's already proven deadly for a Florida child. 
Unvaccinated Child From Florida Becomes First Death Of The Flu SeasonA child in Florida has become the first person to die of the flu this season, according to state health officials. State epidemiologists say the child had not been vaccinated and was otherwise healthy before getting sick with the flu.
Multiple Passengers Fall Ill On Separate International Flights To PhiladelphiaMultiple passengers fell ill on separate international flights coming into Philadelphia International Airport on Thursday.
University Offers $3,500 To Get Sick And Stay In "Hotel Influenza"Looking to take 10 days off from work and get paid for it? St. Louis University may be willing to fund your getaway. But there's a catch: You have get sick and stay quarantined at "Hotel Influenza."