Gov. Pritzker Says Illinois Needs Gun ReformSince CBS 2 revealed Monday that shooter Gary Martin's FOID card was revoked, it's a wonder why he was still in possession of a gun. 
Jeff Reinking: Father Of Suspected Waffle House Gunman Could Face ChargesWith suspected gunman Travis Reinking in custody after a fatal shooting in a Nashville Waffle House, attention now turns to his father, Jeffrey.
Chicago's Gun Problem -- There Are Too ManyDespite comparable resources to other big city's, Chicago's violence continues to outpace the likes of New York and Los Angeles -- why?
When Gun-Owner Cards Are Revoked, Sheriff's Police Go After WeaponsMore than 5,000 Cook County residents are illegally holding guns after their firearms ownership cards were revoked. CBS 2's Derrick Blakley reports.
Dart: Gun Owners With Revoked FOID Cards Need To Have Firearms Taken AwayThe Sheriff of Cook County says: look right across from schools, parks and churches, and you'll find people with guns who aren't supposed to have them.
Audit: Unstable People Could End Up Getting FOID Cards In IllinoisAn audit has been conducted on the rules governing Illinois Firearm Owner's Identification Cards, and officials say the results raise troubling questions.
Gun Owner ID Cards Soar In ChicagoSignificantly more Chicagoans are arming themselves with guns.
Gun Records Likely To Remain Secret, Under Bill Headed To Gov. QuinnIn a victory for gun owners over advocates of open government, the Senate voted 42-1 to overturn a ruling earlier this year by Attorney General Lisa Madigan's office that the names are public under the Freedom of Information Act.
Judge Stalls Disclosure Of Registered Gun Owners' NamesGun-rights advocates have challenged a ruling by the state's attorney general that the names of registered gun owners be made public.
Madigan Orders Police To Release Names Of Gun OwnersThe names of the Illinois residents who can legally carry a gun may soon be made public.