Food Stamp Processing Times Could Cost Illinois $18 Million In Federal FundingThe Illinois Department of Human Services reportedly has until April 21 to make significant improvements. 
Illinois SNAP Benefits Continue Through February During Government ShutdownSNAP benefits will be funded through the end of February but will be issued on or before Jan. 20.
Indiana Issuing Food Stamps Early Due To Government ShutdownIndiana plans to issue February's food stamp benefits next week for hundreds of thousands of Hoosiers due to the partial federal government shutdown.
Shutdown To Cut Office Overseeing Federal Food Stamps By 95%As the government shutdown loomed over the holidays, heads of federal agencies and departments overseeing health and public assistance services tweeted that, regardless of what was happening in Washington, they were attending, as much as possible, to business as usual.
Food Pantry Slams Trump's 'Very Harmful' Proposed Food Stamp CutsThe Greater Chicago Food Depository said President Donald Trump’s massive proposed cuts to the food stamp program would be disastrous.
Watchdog: 2 Million Illinois Residents On Food Stamps Is "Extremely Embarrassing"The Illinois Policy Institute, which bills itself as an independent government watchdog, has said the state of Illinois should be ashamed by the latest figures regarding how many people rely on food stamps.
Food Stamp Outreach Boosting Illinois Medicaid ExpansionAlthough only a few hundred middle-class Illinois residents were able to sign up for health insurance last month on the crippled federal website, the poor appear to be having an easier time enrolling in an expansion of Medicaid — and are doing so by the thousands.
Cuts To Food Stamp Program To Hit 2 Million Illinois ResidentsThough SNAP benefits for each family vary – based on a number of factors – families in Illinois will see a difference of $11 to $36 per month on their LINK card, the Illinois version of food stamps.
Durbin, Schakowsky Vow To Fight Food Stamp Cuts A pair of liberal lawmakers are pledging opposition to conservative plans for $40 billion in cuts to the food stamp program over the next ten years.
Hundreds Of Flood Victims Line Up For Food AidHundreds of people in flood-affected areas lined up outside a North Side state assistance agency on Wednesday to apply for food assistance.
Brawl Erupts At East St. Louis Food Stamp OfficeA dispute over a spot in line at a food stamp office downstate escalated into a full-fledged brawl.