Mystery For Chase Bank Customer: One Second He Had Nearly $250,000 In His Accounts; The Next 'Boom, Zero, Nothing'Talk about a shocker. You open your checking and savings accounts and see nearly a quarter of a million dollars gone. Poof. Disappeared.
Army Vet Sues Former Restaurant Business Partners, Claiming They Defrauded Him Out Of Hundreds Of Thousands In Failed West Town VentureA lawsuit has been filed against two Chicago restaurant owners, accusing them of defrauding a U.S. Army veteran out of hundreds of thousands of dollars.
Expert Says COVID-19 Vaccination Cards Are Ripe For Fraud, And Not Just Identity TheftCOVID vaccine cards are supposed to prove that you’ve had the shot against the novel coronavirus – but there is nothing stopping someone from making a fake, and crooks know it.
'Surprising And Shocking': IDES Told To Get Help From Labor Department About Fraud ClaimsFor victims desperate to protect their identities, any help, federal or otherwise, is welcomed.  
Furloughed Airline Worker Lost $1,200 In Back Pay After 'Error' With Chime Account; 'It Freaked Me Out'Jordy Comeaux used to fly the friendly skies. Now the furloughed flight attendant is stuck in the cruel world below. 
Man Has Warning After Being Scammed Out Of $11,000 By Fake Fraud Department That Persuades Him To Buy Gift CardsA senior citizen lost $11,000 to a fraudster who convinced him to run around town buying gift cards.
Hackers Stole $2,000 From Woman's Account, But Bank Wouldn't Give Her Refund Until CBS 2 Got Involved"I feel like I've probably done more investigating than their investigators have done," Alison Senft said. 
Boeing To Pay $2.5 Billion In Penalties To Settle Fraud Charges In Connection With 737 Max CrashesThe Justice Department announced it has entered into a deferred prosecution agreement with the Chicago-based airplane manufacturer, which was charged with one count of conspiracy to defraud the United States.
IDES Sends Social Security Numbers Of 11 Residents To A Random Person: 'It's Just Every Kind Of Wrong'"If it gets into the wrong hands, that could be very very bad."
Chicago Rapper G Herbo, 5 Others Charged With Using Stolen Credit Info For Flights, Vacations, And Designer PuppiesChicago rapper G Herbo and five other men stand indicted on charges of using stolen credit cards to charter private jets, rent exotic cars and a villa in Jamaica, and buy designer puppies.
Chicago Area Day Care Owner Accused Of Money Laundering, Stealing $6 Million In 8-Year SchemeA Chicago area day care owner is now accused of pocketing millions of dollars meant for children and using it to buy a luxury car and a fancy home.