Pritzker: Illinois Cooperating With Feds On Curbing Unemployment Insurance Fraud"An individual who has not filed an unemployment claim but has received a debit card, or an unemployment insurance letter in the mail, has likely been a target of this fraud."
Rogers Park Homeowner Out $29,000 After Contractor Troupe Construction Didn't Even Start Major Remodeling ProjectCharleen Brown-Muir had big plans for her house in Rogers Park; so big that in May of 2018, she signed an $89,000 deal and gave $29,000 to a contractor upfront to start remodeling.
Working For Chicago: Fighting Hackers Who Want IDES Money"I was shocked because I haven't worked in 13 years. I just started collecting Social Security when I was 62 and so I would think the government would know that and not send me this card."
Fraudsters May Be Targeting Seniors By Applying For Illinois Unemployment Debit Cards In Their NamesAs many wait for unemployment benefits or the debits cards they need to access that money, it turns out some people are getting those cards in the mail when they never even applied for unemployment.
Unemployment Fraud Complaints: Ending the FrustrationPeople with jobs email the CBS 2 Investigators all the time saying they've been approved for unemployment benefits.
Woman Threatened By State For IDES Benefits She Didn't Ask For"I don't want to check my check stub and see they're garnishing money out of my check."
Accused Ponzi Scheme Operator Robert Walberg Dies Mysteriously; Investors Want To Know Where Money WentA suburban money manager died mysteriously, leaving behind a trail of questions – since he was recently charged with fraud.
Victims Of Identity Theft Also Targeted In IDES FraudAn IDES spokesperson said there are some things they do to try to stop it, including cross matching claimant information against wage records reported by employers, using new hire reports and tax returns.
Woman Claims Scammers Stole A Check She Mailed At The Post OfficeA check for cable ended up wiping out a Chicago woman's bank account, and the scammers simply used Wite-Out. 
Contractor Keeps Lien On Senior Citizen's Home Even After City Finds 8 Counts Of Fraud For Botched Balcony JobDellena Tibbs is a South Side grade school teacher who'd give an 'F' to Nombach Home Exteriors.
Celebrity Sports Better Robert Gorodetsky Admits To $9.6 Million FraudCelebrity sports gambler Robert Gorodetsky pleaded guilty to fraud charges Wednesday, following charges that he defrauded someone out of $9.6 million.