McHenry Man Dies 2 Years After Finding $150K In His Garden The McHenry County man who found $150,000 in his vegetable garden two years ago - and was fighting off other claims to the cash- has died, reports WBBM's Steve Miller.
Overnight Frost Causes Damage To Chicago GardensTomatoes by the thousands bit the compost overnight due to a combination of impatience and cold weather. WBBM's John Cody has more.
Liquor Store Owner Makes Claim On Cash Found In McHenry Man's GardenIt has been a year and a half since a McHenry man found tens of thousands of dollars in cash in his garden; and as he and two other people wind their way through the courts to claim it, one of them is telling more about how he lost thousands of dollars - instead of a bug.
Winter Break Guide To The Botanic GardenThis time of year--winter break after Christmas--most of the parents I know are in search of two things: a way to entertain the troops that does not include TV, and a little warmth. Last year we discovered the wonders of a place that offers both when we ventured to the Chicago Botanic Garden. Since our first trip there, we've since become much more acquainted, so here's a little guide to the garden with kids during the winter.
Chicago Botanic Garden: HallowFestLooking for the perfect Halloween celebration for the kids? Check out what Chicago Botanic Garden has to offer...
McHenry County Man May Get To Keep Money Found In GardenA McHenry County man is growing closer to collecting more than $100,000 found in his garden.
Spring Flower ShowsAfter a long cold winter, nothing can brighten your day like the bright colors of spring flowers. Even if it’s still a little chilly outside, these indoor gardens and show promise you a blooming good time. In addition to being able to view unique and beautiful plants, at some shows you’ll have the chance to talk to the growers, purchase the latest gardening supplies and pick up a few plants or flowers for your home.
Man Finds More Than $100,000 In Bags In GardenAn unemployed construction worker from the far northwest suburbs found more than $100,000 in his vegetable garden.
Can You Dig It: Watering Your GardenWhen it comes to watering, you just can’t take it for granted – especially in the garden.