Suburban Gas Stations See Price HikeThat gas station on the corner that's been selling gas under $2 is suddenly up by 10-15 cents today.
Motorists Celebrate As Some Stations Sell Gas For Under $2 A GallonYou've probably noticed by now that gas has fallen to its lowest price in almost a decade. Drivers are now asking themselves how long will it last?
Merry Christmas: Gas Prices At Five-Year LowPhil Flynn, senior energy analyst at The PRICE Futures Group said it's the result of a price war being waged between OPEC – especially Saudi Arabia – against American energy producers.
Expert: Chicago Seeing Lowest Gas Prices Since 2010If you're feeling a little giddy when it's time to refuel, you're not alone, reports WBBM’s John Cody.
Lower Gas Prices Could Hurt Some U.S. CompaniesFalling gas prices are great news for motorists and maybe not so good for U.S. companies down the road.
Gas Prices Likely To Keep Dropping Through The End Of 2014Motorists will continue to enjoy the lower prices at the gas pump.
Gas Selling At Under $3 A Gallon At Some Chicago Area StationsDrivers are doing double takes when they go to fill up.
Chicago Area Motorists Pleased By Falling Gas PricesGas prices have been coming down recently and motorists are liking what they see.
Gas Prices Dropping; Could Dip Below $3 Per Gallon In Some AreasThe average price of a gallon of regular unleaded in Illinois was $3.46 on Friday, down about 10 cents compared to last month, according to the AAA. In the Chicago area, the average price is $3.61, and prices are even lower across the region.
Expert: Gas Prices Expected To Fall As Summer EndsYou might be sad to see the warm days of summer drawing to a close, but, WBBM's Regine Schlesinger reports the change of seasons brings good news for consumers.
Holiday Road Trips — And Summer Gas Prices — Highest In YearsNationally, gas prices were at a six-year high for this time of year, hitting a U.S. average Tuesday of $3.67 a gallon for unleaded regular. That’s up 18 cents from a year ago. Average regular gasoline prices were even higher Tuesday in Illinois, at $3.83; in the Chicago area, at $3.98; and in Chicago, at $4.23.
Fourth Of July Travel: What To Expect And How To PrepareWith 41 million Americans expected to travel this year, highways and airports will be packed with travelers looking to take advantage of the 3-day weekend.
Chicago's Average Gas Price The Highest In The NationThe insurgent violence in Iraq and threats to oil facilities there have pushed the price of crude oil to more than $107 per barrel. That has translated to higher gasoline prices, nowhere higher than Chicago.
Oil Prices Spike As Iraq Tensions GrowPatrick DeHaan, senior petroleum analyst at, said even he was surprised at how much gas prices jumped on Thursday, just in the time between when he went to work and when he got home.
Chicago's Average Gas Price Climbs Above $4 Per GallonPatrick DeHaan, senior petroleum analyst for said lingering effects of the harsh winter were to blame for the recent spike in gas prices.