Mayor Emanuel Proposes Raising Gas Tax by 20 To 30 CentsThat proposal comes from Mayor Rahm Emanuel, who wants to raise the gas tax statewide to pay for transportation projects.
Oregon Testing Out Vehicle Mileage Tax The idea of the state of Illinois imposing a mileage tax on vehicles in place of the current gasoline tax was met with big opposition last week and the idea was dropped. But one state is already trying it.
Interest Group Suggests Raising Gas Tax To Improve Chicago Area RoadsWith Houston about to overtake Chicago as the third most populous city in the nation, a local planning expert has offered some bold ideas for putting the boom back in the local economy.
Will Highways Become Tollways?The federal gas tax – 18.4 cents a gallon -- hasn't gone up in 20 years, even though construction costs have. CBS 2's Derrick Blakley reports.
Mayor: No Property, Sales, Or Gas Tax Hike Next YearMayor Rahm Emanuel said the city will not raise property, sales, or gasoline taxes to balance next year’s budget, but he was mum about which – if any – taxes might go up.
Reps Lipinski, Dold: Don't End Gas Tax Funding For Mass TransitA pair of Illinois congressmen reached across the aisle to fight against ending gas tax funding for public transit.
Quinn Has No Plan To Cut Gas TaxOnce again, Chicagoans are paying more for gasoline than anyplace else in the US. The average price for a gallon is now $4.35.
Gas Tax Hike May Be Coming In IndianaGas prices have been skyrocketing across the country, but for some people in Indiana, they soon could be even higher thanks to a tax hike.