Pritzker, Lightfoot Join Argonne Labs, University Of Chicago To Present 'Blueprint' Plans For Quantum Internet"Quantum internet is not something that's on every but the tip of the tongue of everyone, but I think we all recognize the importance of this moment and the power that it possesses to really change everything in the way in which we process information and also security on the internet."
Pritzker On Federal Agents For Chicago: 'Will Not Stand For Efforts That Undermine Civil Rights'"I will not stand for efforts that undermine civil rights and civil liberties."
Nearly 1,600 New COVID-19 Cases, Highest Number For July"The deadly nature of this virus is not a hoax. Choosing to go out in public without a mask is not a political statement, going out without a face covering on endangers the other customers at the grocery store. It puts your friends and your family at risk. There's nothing political about that."
Lightfoot, Pritzker Cautious About Uptick In COVID-19 Cases"The last thing I want to do is have to take steps back to do the right thing."
Pritzker: Illinois Won't Move To Phase 5 Until Vaccine Is Available“Opening up our economy does not have to come with a spike in cases. Other countries have done it successfully while reducing cases and infection rates. But that requires vigilance on the part of all of us."
Gov. Pritzker On Federal COVID-19 Response: States Forced To Play 'Sick' Hunger Games Gameshow"In the midst of a global pandemic states were forced to play some sort of sick "Hunger Games" game show to save the lives of our people. Let me be clear, this is not a reality TV show. There are real things that are happening in the United States."
Illinois Seeking New Poet Laureate, State's 1st Since 2017Nominees must be Illinois residents and have a publication history of poems and/or books and a record of being active in Illinois' literacy community.
Lightfoot On Trump's Letter: 'You Utterly Failed To Lead In This Crisis'"You utterly failed to lead in this crisis."
Those Filing For Unemployment Get The Runaround; 'I Need Help And There's No Help'"Nobody answers the phone. Nobody helps you. The state is not helping its people."
Illinois Property Owners Sue Over Pritzker's Pause On EvictionsAs of now, evictions are on hold across the state until July due to COVID-19.
Chicago CEOs Discuss 'New Better' As Companies Make COVID-19 Changes"New better means how you connect with each other and connect with clients, with customers, how you support hiring, training, inclusion, all of those pieces."